14 November 2018

Coligo MEETINGS now live!

The Dutch and German service provider Voiceworks introduced Coligo MEETINGS in their Managed Voice 3 offer. The solution is now for the first time available on the market.

Coligo MEETINGS is the online meeting solution developed by Summa. It is part of the communications and collaboration suite built on the top of our next generation platform Coligo GRID. Voiceworks has officially launched its Managed Voice 3 service in June 2018 based on Coligo GRID and already including the applications Coligo DESKTOP, Coligo MESSENGER and Coligo REACH.

Coligo MEETINGS is built in the WebRTC protocol, hence it can be used directly from the browser without downloading any software. Host and guests can easily access the solution from a url.

With Coligo MEETINGS users can (video)call, chat in group or 1:1, share documents and their screen. Hosts have their own waiting room and hold moderator rights during the whole session.

The introduction of Coligo MEETINGS in Voiceworks’ Managed Voice portfolio provides users with extra collaboration functionalities, which are now also available to users external to the platform.

Read Voiceworks’ press release here (in Dutch)

About Voiceworks

Voiceworks makes corporate communication services easier to use and more transparent. Voiceworks is continuously innovating and developing professional integrated fixed, mobile and web-based communication services. With over 10 years of experience Voiceworks is the leading cloud voice provider in the Netherlands and the only provider that offers a web based communication suite, VoIP cloud offering and full MVNO mobile network – all integrated into one solution.




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