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Converged Contact
Transforming how people
communicate, collaborate and work

Today's world

A world full of multiple forms of contact existing as separate islands. Rather than helping people, all this technology gets in the way of meaningful human connections, it impacts productivity and becomes overwhelming.

Imagine if all those stand-alone, individual ways of connecting — fixed voice, mobile, video, chat, email, SMS, social channels and more — could be seamlessly integrated into one super easy, user-controlled, context-based and flexible environment accessible from anywhere. Interaction that is effortless and natural, bringing people closer together and removing barriers (whether physical or digital). Plus, gain control back over the digital day and achieve a better work-life flow.

Introducing Converged Contact

That’s what Converged Contact from Enreach is all about, enabling meaningful human contact and transforming how people communicate, collaborate and work. Blending smart network access, productivity tools, CRMs, contact centre functionality, marketing automation and more: technology on your terms. Unified Communication no longer exists and has evolved to Converged Contact, the future that is already here.

"By combining the Enreach product portfolio, we bring together all the ways we connect day-to-day."

Martin Classen, Chief Product Officer, Enreach       

Why we talk about contact

You may have noticed that Enreach increasingly uses the term ‘contact’, rather than talking about unified communications (UC) or UCaaS. There is a good reason for this shift in our focus: we believe ‘contact’ more accurately describes how people communicate, collaborate and work these days. Plus, it fits in with our vision to enable more meaningful human connections, whether ad-hoc or planned, without digital or physical barriers.

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Enreach Empowers Businesses With Converged Contact Solutions

In this video-interview with David Dungay of UC Today our CEO Stijn Nijhuis explains how we empower your business with Converged Contact Solutions. 

Converged Contact – technology on your terms

Converged Contact is not just some futuristic concept: we are already delivering our first steps in Converged Contact to our customers and partners across the region. Those foundations will be continuously added to, using our rapid innovation techniques and technology platform. Through our buy-and-build strategy, we have been working in the background on our Converged Contact vision for some time, bringing together some of the best technologies and brains in the industry. Want to learn more?

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Want to learn more about Converged Contact?

Converged Contact is the future and it is already here. Want to learn to learn more? Let's have a chat together so we can further discuss your needs - we love to meet exciting, new people.

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