SIP Trunks

Fully Redundant

When parts of the service fail, the redundant setup will ensure that the customer can continue making and receiving calls.

Fixed Mobile Ready

Our unique technology brings the PBX and all mobile users together. This does not require a softphone on the mobile client. Mobile users have access to all PBX features using their native smartphone dialer.

Call Encryption

Calls can be encrypted so that they cannot be intercepted by third parties.


To prevent unauthorized use by third parties, whitelisting can be used to enable calling to work only from your own IP addresses.


The administrator can decide which number as a CLIP is sent in outgoing calls.

Calamities and Outages

In order to ensure continuity and accessibility, in the event of an emergency (e.g. interference in the PBX or broadband connection) there is the possibility to automatically route incoming calls to an alternative destination.

Usage Monitoring

We offer the possibility to monitor all your traffic and receive mail notifications if desired or to block your call traffic when certain volume thresholds are reached. This prevents unwanted usage and unnecessary costs.

MS Teams Ready

MS Teams is increasingly becoming the PBX of choice for many smaller and larger businesses. Don't miss out on this trend! Our SIP Trunks are fully ready and certified for use with MS Teams. Just provide your customers with a MS Teams Direct Routing license, and our SIP Trunks will make sure that they can make and receive calls using MS Teams as a PBX.