CCaaS for Customer Service & Support

Focus your efforts on your campaigns

A professional telephone answering solution that combines the effectiveness of dozens of specialized functionalities and advanced tools for agents and supervisors with the versatility and accessibility of cloud solutions.

Inbound calls intelligence

Optimize your contact centre by setting multiple rules and criteria to manage incoming calls. This not only helps to deal with volumes appropriately but also optimizes the resources you allocate.

Manage campaigns professionally

Run campaigns with thousands of calls using professionals tools for your team. Drive up productivity and efficiency, and facilitate collaboration between agents and supervisors.

Automatic SMS and calls launcher

Thousands of automatic outgoing calls and messages with guaranteed effect. Make your campaigns that much more effective using tools that reach your targets with just one click.

Decisions based on figures

Analyse all your calls through a powerful statistics module. Data that will help you to increase and plan the number of resources for your campaigns, using those that can best improve your service.

Tool integration

Connect your contact centre to your CRM or ERP business tools. Add it to the variables that enable you to best manage your company.

With all the flexibility of the cloud

Freely and independently increase or decrease capacities or agents. The platform adapts to your seasonal variations and work peaks. Provide and manage your service in a unified way, from different geographic locations and with easy integration in CRM and ERP business management tools.