Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used and intelligent collaboration hubs. Every reseller could strengthen their portfolio by adding Microsoft Teams as a solution because it offers countless integration possibilities with other Microsoft and third-party applications. Every organisation, large or small, can implement Microsoft Teams in their everyday work routine.


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In today's day and age, where the pandemic of 2020 forced us to work remotely, a wide variety of communication tools started to expand their functionalities. Collaboration tools became vital to every organisation. Microsoft Teams is the most secure, efficient, intelligent, and comprehensive collaboration hub used.

Automated updates for your customers
Automated updates for your customers

Your customers always get the most recent, up-to-date version of Microsoft Teams without having to update, upgrade or service anything. Did you know both Office 2010 and Windows 7 are going out are losing official support soon? This is a great chance to pick up the conversation with your customers and help them prepare for Microsoft 365 including Microsoft Teams!

Save more time with a wide range of integration options
Save more time with a wide range of integration options

And that is not all. Implementing Microsoft Teams for your client does save you even more time. Microsoft Teams easily integrates with all other Microsoft apps and plenty of third-party apps, which means you don’t have to install and integrate apps one by one.

Your customers’ business is future proof
Your customers’ business is future proof

As Microsoft Teams is used by 115 million daily users, it will continuously be improved. Your customer is future-proof for years to come and does not need to switch platforms at a later stage. As their trusted advisor, it is your competitive advantage to make sure your customers are fully aware of the vast potential Microsoft Teams can bring to their business.


  • Integration solutions
  • Platform usage
  • Product and client management
  • Connected services


As Enreach partner, we make sure you are an innovative frontrunner in your market. We will provide you with the latest up-to-date information to bring value to your customers. With over 15 years of experience in our field, we offer the best support and knowledge to help you close more deals. Are you interested in reselling Microsoft Teams and become our partner? Please feel free to reach out to us and join our network!


Add the power of Enreach

Enreach is one of the leading European unified communications providers in Europe, serving hundreds of thousands of businesses across Europe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enreach is a Microsoft gold partner and official tier 1 cloud service provider. This means that you can integrate our powerful telephony and mobile services with Microsoft Teams in an easy, worry-free way. Combine the productivity of Microsoft Teams with Enreach’s most advanced PBX features in the cloud. No hardware, no problems and no concessions.  

  • Seamless fixed and mobile integration
  • Most advanced PBX functionalities
  • No investments in hardware and related maintenance costs

Make Microsoft Teams work wonders for you

Is CRM at the heart of your company and are you looking for ways to further improve your customer engagement? Enreach can provide a full Microsoft Teams integration with the global leaders in CRM: Dynamics 365 and SalesForce. Imagine having Microsoft Teams, communications and CRM perform as one unified system. It would take your productivity and customer engagement to the next level. Looking for an extra competitive advantage, then we can help you with our integrated A.I. chatbot that works flawlessly in Teams and gives you the opportunity to service your customers 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Microsoft Teams helps you work better, adding Enreach can make you work wonders.   

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Our Microsoft Teams licenses and our fully integrated telephony and mobile services are sold in our seven major European sales countries: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden, France and UK.

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