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Getting inside sales into the fast lane

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Representing over 150.000 customers, ASE is one of the largest providers of unemployment insurance in Denmark. The key to being successful is ASE’s ambitious philosophy of ensuring high customer value. And contacting costumers and leads over the phone is the most effective means of ensuring that this value is projected most effectively.

New business is generated by ASE’s inside sales department of 65 employees.

Productivity and performance management needed!

In 2011, Lead Manager Gitte Esman implemented Outbound and Flows as the sales tool and platform for ASE’s inside sales for handling both direct outbound sales calls and for responding to inbound leads.

Gitte chose Enreach Campaigns based on profound research and in accordance to several recommendations from her extensive network within the telemarketing industry. And she is happy to see that ASE has increased productivity and gained the performance management tools they need – and more.

A significant increase in efficiency

To ASE, efficiency is a vital element of their strategy of dedicating all resources towards ensuring high customer value. This need is especially evident for outbound calls, of which ASE make a lot every day. "With Outbound we saw a significant increase in efficiency, which is evident from the number of call attempts per hour per employee.”

“Cost-effective automation”

To Gitte, obtaining efficiency includes not only making more calls. It is also about finding the smartest way possible to do things. For instance, ASE uses the URL feature in Enreach Campaigns to automatically import all lead data into their online registration form directly from the dialing page:

"By one click in Enreach Campaigns we can automatically insert lead data into our online form. This type of intelligent automation saves us valuable time and minimizes the risk of human errors.”

Monitoring results and performance

Implementing Flows has enabled advanced ongoing analysis, so ASE constantly can optimize their outbound effort. Managing 65 inside sales reps, customizable reporting is an essential tool. Gitte Esman monitors and assesses each of her sales reps’ call activity and results in Enreach Campaigns which enables a targeted approach to evaluation and training.

"The advanced and customized reporting system in Enreach Campaigns enables performance management down to each hour and allows us to adjust our resources so we get the most profitable results.”

"Enreach Campaigns customized reporting enables us to focus on the performance of each individual employee.”