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SmartCom Summit Spring 2021

23 Mar 2021

SmartCom Summit brings together the leaders in the Smart Communications industry to discuss trends, provide market intelligence and show what’s possible:

  • Smart Communications: Online conversations, across a diversity of channels, have become the new normal for entertainment, shopping, support, schooling and now even healthcare. What’s next, with agile enterprises getting on board and more industries transforming?
  • Smart Companies: The Future of Work is here, after almost a year of online meetings collaboration platforms have replaced VoIP and UCaaS as the main internal communications hub. Currently a replacement for the old way of working, how will these platforms become a real improvement?
  • Smart Communities: With (part-time) WFH the new normal, the role of cities as talent hubs is changing. Especially tech companies are shrinking or moving their offices, reducing costs and tapping into a more diverse and distributed talent pool. And isn’t every company a tech company these days?


Enreach will participate in several discussions with Stijn Nijhuis (CEO Enreach), Bertrand Pourcelot (Managing Director at Enreach for Service Providers) and Anne Bakker (CEO Botsquad, part of Enreach) as speakers:

  • 14h30: Smart communications, companies & communities (Stijn Nijhuis)
  • 16h: Welcome to your new online office - the future of collaboration (Bertrand Pourcelot)
  • 16h: Innovation & leadership (Stijn Nijhuis)
  • 16h30: Customer experience (cx) in agile enterprises (Anne Bakker)

For the complete schedule, visit the link.


Covid-19 lockdowns proved to be the digital accelerant the world needed to seriously adopt work from home, telehealth, online education and ecommerce. While not perfect, our new normal is being built on Smart Communications and creates new challenges but especially opportunities for those in the ecosystem able and willing to adapt and innovate. In an engaging talk show we will discuss the main Smart Communications market trends with well known experts and authorities in this field, guests from leading providers and channel partners, as well as actual users. Viewers will be able to comment and ask questions online, and participate in live polls. The talk show will be followed by 3 tracks of short talks about Smart Communications, Smart Companies and Smart Communities, plus an expo and meeting carousel.


  • 14h30: Smart communications, companies & communities (Stijn)
  • 16h: Welcome to your new online office - the future of collaboration (Bertrand)
  • 16h: Innovation & leadership (Stijn)
  • 16h30: Customer experience (cx) in agile enterprises (Anne)

For the complete schedule, visit

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