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Enreach arm delivering double-digit growth, says CEO

6 Nov 2023

Enreach for Service Providers’ CEO announces strong double-digit growth and has high hopes for next year

Bertrand Pourcelot, CEO of Enreach for Service Providers, a division of European-focused unified communications provider Enreach Group is delivering double-digit revenue growth amidst its ongoing expansion.

Speaking to IT Europa at its 'Collaborating for Growth' partner event in Nice, Pourcelot (pictured) attributed approximately 15% of this growth to organic means, stemming from the introduction of new services and successful upselling to current service providers.

“This expansion isn’t just in terms of seats but also in terms of value-adding options and usages,” Pourcelot remarked with evident pride. “Our primary emphasis has been on delivering high-value services, especially with customer experience (CX) taking centre stage in today's market.”

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Customer-centric strategy

Detailing the company's strategy, Pourcelot said: “While efforts have been made to achieve technological unification and identify synergies across the group, staying attuned to our customers has remained paramount,” he explained.

In line with this, he said the business has transitioned to a more vertical organisational setup. By integrating its customer-focused sales teams with specific operational facets, and simultaneously boosting its R&D product focus, the business aims for a more collaborative team dynamic.

“The key for us is to help our partners grow – upselling, adding more volumes and increasing the stickiness of their own end customers,” he says. “We have over 100 partners, and if each of them achieves growth, then that's amazing for us.The objective for us is to be more receptive to our customer's needs and to tailor our solutions accordingly.”

In alignment with understanding customer needs, Enreach introduced UP 1.5 at the event, a refined version of its cloud-native platform. The platform, which integrates best-in-class technologies from businesses across the group, supports communication, collaboration and productivity.

“Our new UP 1.5 platform offers enhanced value, particularly around CX. We wanted to make our new platform more cloud-native, more granular, and easier to manage. It was essential to add value that is not only visible and scalable for us and our partners but also for the end-users," he emphasised.

“We prioritised modernising several applications to ensure consistency, given that our platform supports multiple devices for each user. Customers seek a familiar and consistent user experience, whether they're on their mobile phones or laptops. It was very important for us to bring this consistency.”

Overcoming challenges

Despite the emphasis on consistency, he points out several challenges the company faces over the coming year. “Moving from unification at all costs to a more targeted approach, while focusing on customer needs, will continue to be a challenge for us.”

Another area is continuously scaling the business despite the vast array of platforms, architectures, network connections (both fixed and mobile), and hosting infrastructures. This diversity provides valuable insights and learning experiences, but it also introduces complexity, he notes.  

“Balancing this, making educated decisions, and guiding customers towards mutually beneficial solutions presents both opportunities and challenges.”

To address this, effective communication is critical, he notes. “In line with our event's theme, 'Collaborating for Growth', open communication is essential to ensure both our partners and we make informed and sound decisions.”

Future growth

Despite this, Pourcelot remains buoyant about the future, anticipating an organic growth rate exceeding 20% in the coming year. “With our credibility, we’re now well positioned to assure our partners and guide them to future-proofing their business. That's very important, especially in the service provider and carrier business.”

He also touched upon the positive impact of the group's acquisitions, which have brought in complementary technologies. In 2018, backed by Waterland, the group merged 15 companies, adding over 500 staff and various brands, including Voiceworks in The Netherlands and Germany, Swyx (now Enreach DE), and Centile (rebranded as Enreach for Service Providers).

While it takes time to integrate technologies, it presents a promising upsell opportunity for future growth for the firm, he notes.“Leveraging Enreach AI to combine these technologies is crucial, especially given the rapid changes in the market. But on the one hand, it doesn’t always translate into a business case. Therefore, time to market is key. You need to be ready for the unknown.”

He emphasised, "Having the right approach and expertise is vital to position yourself in areas like AI," and added, "It's not about reinventing the wheel, but having the right skills to package it. The group greatly aids us a lot in that context.”

He concluded that "acquiring new partners is also crucial, not just for immediate gains but as the foundation for our future growth."

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This blog was published on IT Europa