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Service providers reach for flexible customisations with latest Enreach UP platform

29 Nov 2023

With the introduction of the latest version of the Enreach UP platform, Enreach for Service Providers has enabled partners and their customers with a complete portfolio of cloud, collaboration and calling capabilities to create a comprehensive contact solution that is customisable by design. Customisation is an essential aspect for service providers who want to be able to tailor their offerings to suit their markets, the industrial sectors their customers operate in and to provide the latest technologies to end users in flexible, attractive ways. 

“Our mission at Enreach for Service Providers is to create a customisable, mobile first contact, cloud, collaboration and calling solution and with this enable our partners to grow and create value,” explains Bertrand Pourcelot, the CEO at Enreach for Service Providers. “In this way, we enable our customers to grow their businesses and create value which is essential for continued success.”

The latest version of Enreach UP is customisable by design so partner service providers can fine tune their offerings to closely target and meet end customer requirements. This does not mean full customisation for every deployment because of the substantial costs, delay and development burden that brings. Instead, Enreach for Service Providers has drawn on its extensive knowledge built up from supporting service providers across Europe and created a portfolio of predefined customisations and items that partners can offer to their customers. 

“It’s easy to use the word customisable but the platform needs to be future-proof,” confirms Pourcelot. “Solutions need to be high quality and readily scalable so the platform needs to be customisable via a series of predefined items. By adopting this approach customisations won’t break the product and make it impractical for the long-term.” 

Pourcelot adds that service provider partners are looking for customisations allied to flexibility and the new version of Enreach UP platform  builds on the capabilities of the previous version in this respect. The platform has been designed to offer this, including white label offerings, bring your own carrier propositions and the possibility of using Enreach APIs and single sign-on capabilities for automation and integration. In addition, Enreach UP offers attractive user experiences (UX) thanks to its mobile-first design concept. This enables service providers to bring a simplified UX to their customers’ users on all types of devices. 

Customers range from specialised service providers and integrators to large carriers looking to add UCaaS, CCaaS, voice calling, video collaboration and CX to their offerings. “Customisation by design is about giving the ability to automate, integrate and personalise to our partners,” says Pourcelot. “We see the need to streamline the user experience so we have extended our approach via our mobile app and the desktop. Which approach is adopted depends on the user’s role – a receptionist will have different requirements to a call centre agent or a knowledge worker – so customisation is increasingly desirable.” 

“People are looking for different ways of working but also changing their relationships with team members and managers,” he adds. “Customisation by design makes these transformations achievable for large corporations who want to become more flexible, more agile and to operate leaner. At the same time, small companies who want to look larger want the same ingredients for their solutions.” 

“Vendors and service providers often segment the market but there are a lot of common needs,” he adds. “Large enterprises want to be more agile and leaner while smaller companies want to be more structured and look bigger. We believe that without powerful and flexible Contact platform, service providers can maximise our customizable by design platform to serve multiple market segments.” 

The latest version of Enreach UP benefits from technological and architectural platform evolutions which bring cloud native ability alongside continuous development and innovation. “That doesn’t mean all our customers are going to be cloud native but that we are ready and can move fast in the market and control the lifecycle effectively,” confirms Pourcelot. “The platform can run different partitions for different types of customers and that gives a lot of flexibility and will speed up adoption.” 

This blog was published on UC TODAY