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  • A market Access Facilitator for Unified Communication & Cloud Collaboration
  • A dedicated “multi-tenant” platform
  • An alternative to SMEs target compared to Cloud Providers, Cloud PBX, Traditional Equipment Manufacturers and Open Source
  • 24/7 personalized technical support
  • A local sales support
  • A simple and accessible mobility offer to your brand
  • Open and integrated APIs
  • A secured offer suited to your infrastructure
  • The only software to offer a full Fixed-Mobile Convergence solution


For Service Providers

Unified communications (UC) has been a talking point for years and, so far, has seen a number of false dawns. Now, we are at a critical point in its evolution, with accelerated adoption gaining real momentum. A report published in May 2018 by Grand View Research Inc. predicts that the global Unified Communications market will reach 143.49 billion US dollars by 2024.

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For Service Providers

More and more companies are looking for a one-stop-shop for their communications needs. To help service providers become a preferred partner that supplies a range of productivity solutions, our platform offers an array of business system integrations (CRM) and call centre functionality.

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Productivity products Call Centre CRM Integration


For Service Providers

When dealing with a private branch exchange (PBX), trunk lines are the phone lines coming into the PBX from a service provider. This differentiates incoming lines from extension lines that connect the PBX to individual telephones. Trunking saves cost, due to fewer trunk lines than extension lines, since it is unusual in most offices to have all extension lines in use for external calls at once. Trunk lines transmit voice and data in formats such as analog, T1, E1, ISDN or PRI.

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Connectivity products SIP Trunks


For Service Providers

The enterprise mobile market presents unique challenges to operators. The number of mobile professionals continues to grow with even desk-bound users more frequently reaching for their mobile phones vs. a desktop phone to make calls. However mobile phones don’t typically integrate well with existing enterprise unified communications solutions.


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Admin Tooling

Quick and easy provisioning with our management portal and APIs, designed to meet the needs of resellers and enterprise administrators.

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Admin Tooling products Enterprise admin APIs