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Stay connected to colleagues and customers with our remote working solutions

Keep working as in the office during COVID-19

As many businesses are transitioning to a home-office setup, Enreach is doing as much as we can to help you and your customers staying connected during COVID-19.

Read below for details on how to optimize the systems you already have in place for remote working, how to add collaboration capability to your UC solution, and join our virtual events for additional information about how we can support you and your customers with remote working solutions.

No need for a desk phone at home thanks to our softphone

Not all home working stations can be equipped with office-grade desk phones. Luckily you can still have all functions of a normal phone through our softphone. So you can pick up, make and transfer calls from your desktop.

Using a softphone opens up a whole array of new possibilities, as it is integrated in our whitelabel selfcare client myIstra :

  • Check colleagues’ status
  • Manage your presence
  • Define your forwarding rules
  • Send instant messages to colleagues
  • (video) conferencing options

Guarantee your business continuity from your smartphone with our mobile app

Our whitelabel mobile app MOBiiS enables you to access all your business communications through your smartphone. Think of a softphone to easily transfer calls, see your colleagues’ status and instant messaging with your colleagues.

But we go beyond standard telephony and UC features. Through MOBiiS you can, for example:

  • Manage your presence
  • Set forwarding rules
  • Log in/out of ACD groups
  • Access video collaboration options
  • Select your calling ID

Keep your office numbers while working remotely with our full FMC solution

No need for your remote workers to start using their personal mobile number while contacting colleagues or customers.

Thanks to our full Fixed-Mobile-Convergence solution, you can now bring your office numbers, personal & group extensions and mobile numbers on the smartphone of your employees.

Your smartphone becomes the remote terminal of your company.

Far but close with our video conferencing tools

We offer flexible online collaboration solutions based on the best market technology, so you can say goodbye to unnecessary face-to-face meetings.

Check our video collaboration options at the link:

Keep your customer service standard high with our Call Center & CRM integration

Access all your call center features remotely through our myIstra portal and keep offering the services your customers are used to.

Thanks to the Systematic Call Recording function the supervisor can still monitor calls placed and received remotely.

Always answer a call and never waste valuable time by integrating your CRM system in our myIstra portal.

All the reliability from the office with certified hardware

We recommend you offer your customers hardware which is certified and that interoperates with the telephony solution they use, whether it is about desk phones or headsets.

Enreach offers a wide range of interoperable hardware.