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The wonders
of Mobile

The enterprise mobile market presents unique challenges to the operators. The number of mobile professionals continues to grow, and even desk-bound users frequently reach more readily for the mobile than the traditional desktop phone to make a call. But mobile phones typically integrate poorly with the existing enterprise unified communications solutions.

To stay ahead of competition, fixed operators need to add mobility to their Centrex/PBX/UC offerings.  Whereas mobile operators need to capitalize on the GSM network by adding enterprises PBX features on mobile phones.


Mobile for Service Providers

Thanks to fixed mobile convergence, our mobile telephony platform enables fixed and mobile operators to deliver enterprise-grade value-added services to mobile users over today's networks.

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FMC Router


Our FMC router enables service providers to offer converged fixed-mobile services and help them to become Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).  

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Mobile Cloud PBX

Mobile for Service Providers

Enreach UP Mobile is a mobile-first communication and collaboration Cloud PBX platform, enabling mobile operators and MVNEs to offer enterprise mobile users the advanced features of an office telephone on their mobile over existing GSM, IMS and VoLTE networks or convergent infrastructure. 

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Mobile app

Mobile for Service Providers

Our whitelabel mobile app revolutionizes the way people handle their communications while in the office or on the go.

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