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The enterprise mobile market presents unique challenges to the operators. The number of mobile professionals continues to grow, and even desk-bound users frequently reach more readily for the mobile than the traditional desktop phone to make a call. But mobile phones typically integrate poorly with the existing enterprise unified communications solutions.

To stay ahead of competition, fixed operators need to add mobility to their Centrex/PBX/UC offerings.  Whereas mobile operators need to capitalize on the GSM network by adding enterprises PBX features on mobile phones.

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Mobile for Service Providers

The operators face a new challenge posed by the enterprise mobile market. An increasing number of professionals prefers using a mobile device instead of the traditional deskphone. However, mobile phones don't always integrate well with existing unified communications solutions.

To fullfil this need and stay ahead of the competition, fixed operator need to add mobility to their Centrex/PBX/UC offerings. While mobile operators need to expand their offer by adding PBX features on top of their GSM network.

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