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Around the Clock’ Reachability Isn’t Healthy

28 Sep 2020

Enreach's expansive portfolio helps people make the most of their time, and maintain control over who can reach them at all times.

Enreach, a provider of collaboration technology and flexible telecom services, is transforming how people control are in contact with the world using the method they prefer. As an integrated group of leading unified communications (UC) companies across Europe, Enreach has one of the most comprehensive portfolios on the UC market. The company’s local service teams bring these technologies together to provide businesses an enhanced and more productive end-user experience from these communications platforms.

”Two key areas of focus for the group are innovations in mobility and reachability,” Martin Classen, Chief Product Officer, Enreach, shared with me. “In reaction to the remote work implications, we feel it was important to maintain a healthy work/life balance, in any situation“ continued Classen, reflecting on this past year, adding, “there’s an expectation that you’re always available, so interruptions happen all the time.”

This does not happen with an Enreach solution, asserts Classen. For secure reachability to occur, the obstacle, as Enreach sees it, is that the expectation of 24/7, always-on contact is invasive, unsustainable, and unhealthy. “Even when you’re in a meeting you’re available via other channels and devices. Enreach aims to give businesses some control and balance over that.”

Enreach adds mobile reachability to its Cloud PBX offering in nearly every country the company operates in. “By integrating our mobile services into cloud PBXs, we can help paint a more accurate picture of a person’s preferred reachability.” In the future, Enreach will have the capability of integrating customer presence status into online meetings, which would make a user unavailable on a mobile device, and vice versa.

“We want to integrate all the necessary channels into a one-contact experience to create a state of ‘true presence’, regardless of the channel”

On the mobility front, Enreach customers can handover calls from their mobile devices to desk phones or laptops with ease, allowing people to take calls on the go from the desk phone to their car with the push of a button. “We want to give our customers the freedom to move,” said Classen: “this kind of freedom contributes to more flexible and healthier working environments.” Flexibility and wellness for distributed workforces are not the only themes Enreach has set its sights on. “If you want to bring innovative technology to market – you have to make it accessible and intuitive to use, which is why we have invested in our in-house design team working on user-experience and our design system.”

Classen says the group achieves this through customer feedback, dedicated testing teams, analytics in line with GDPR standards, and tracking how users interact with the group’s various platforms. Enreach makes improvements to its platforms based on these criteria – which Classen attributes to high rates of customer satisfaction. All the Enreach platforms are available in different deployment models, full-cloud in the European market, and the carrier model on a global scale. Enreach maintains more than two-million end-users in almost all European countries, who enjoy the flexibility of their solutions and products.

COVID-19’s ushered in a need for such technologies, and a demand to end the unsolicited meeting and other daily interruptions that happen within an office and remote working environments. Classen further shared, the company’s seen greater usage of its platforms intended for online meetings during the pandemic, which is consistent with what we’ve seen globally as many of these technologies have become necessary to enabling true presence as well as business continuity.

This blog was published on UC Today magazine



What is Cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX, also known as Virtual PBX, is a technology that delivers private branch exchange (PBX) services via the internet. This cloud-based solution allows businesses to manage their communication infrastructure without needing to host the hardware on their premises.

How can Cloud PBX improve my business communication?

Cloud PBX can enhance your business communication by offering features like voicemail, call routing, and auto-attendants. It also allows for easy scalability and accessibility from any location, improving your overall communication efficiency.

How can I improve my Mobile Reachability?

Enhancing mobile reachability involves ensuring your business is easily accessible on mobile devices. This can be achieved by optimizing your website for mobile use, investing in a mobile app, and employing communication solutions like Cloud PBX that allow for seamless mobile connectivity.

Why is Mobile Reachability important?

Mobile Reachability is crucial in this digital age as it allows your business to remain connected with clients and customers who prefer to use their mobile devices for communication and transactions.

What are Mobile Services?

Mobile Services are services and applications that are accessible on mobile devices. They include a wide range of functionalities, from communication apps to banking services and e-commerce platforms.

How can Mobile Services benefit my business?

Mobile Services can significantly boost your business by improving customer engagement, increasing sales, and fostering strong customer relationships. They allow businesses to connect with their customers on a platform that is convenient and accessible.

What is Reachability in business?

Reachability in business refers to the ease with which customers, clients, or stakeholders can connect with a business. This can be via various channels, including phone, email, social media, and more.

How can I improve my business’s Reachability?

Businesses can improve their reachability by implementing a multi-channel approach to customer service, ensuring their website is SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly, and employing communication solutions like Cloud PBX.

What is Collaboration Technology?

Collaboration Technology refers to tools and platforms that enable teams to work together effectively. These technologies can include project management tools, video conferencing software, and shared document platforms.

How does Collaboration Technology benefit businesses?

Collaboration Technology can significantly improve productivity and efficiency within a business. It allows teams to communicate and work together seamlessly, regardless of geographical location, and can also enhance project management and coordination.