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Converged Contact Solutions – technology on your terms

27 Jul 2022

This blog was written by Martin Classen, CPO Enreach

We live in a world full of multiple forms of contact existing as separate islands. Imagine if all those stand-alone, individual ways of connecting — fixed voice, mobile, video, chat, email, SMS, social channels and more — could be seamlessly integrated into one super easy, user-controlled, context-based and flexible environment accessible from anywhere. That’s what we call Converged Contact, and it is already here. We go as far as saying that unified communications is old news and has evolved into Converged Contact.

Converged Contact Solutions from Enreach bring together all those forms of contact, with fixed-mobile convergence, productivity tools, CRMs, contact centre functionality, marketing automation and more. These are all underpinned by Enreach’s superior network strengths in Europe (both fixed and mobile).

However, Converged Contact is about people and business, not technology (which is just the enabler). Individuals and teams can focus on meaningful conversations with colleagues and customers. At the same time, collaboration is enriched so that shared experiences are as good — or even better — as being in the same room. This digital workplace works for people with effortless, intuitive and invisible technologies. Plus, identities are managed across locations, devices, networks and applications so that individuals can set their contactability.

Converged Contact Solutions in action

Here’s an example. You are in a Teams meeting, and because the system knows you are unavailable, all calls to your mobile or desk-phone are automatically routed to voice mail. Alternatively, the system sees a call is from a customer and routes it to a colleague, so you are not distracted, and the customer is kept happy. When you finish work at 5 pm, all calls are routed to voicemail or a team member who is on call so that you can focus on family time.

It is also simple to switch between contact channels. For instance, you have an online chat with a customer about a current order, and it becomes clear that a voice call would be better. So, you switch the chat to voice and have instant on-screen access to the order’s details. You can even add in video and screen-share. The whole conversation is also captured into a centralised workflow.

Finally, you are on the train on the way home. It has been a long day, but you still have some important calls to make. First, you call a customer from your office extension number from your mobile. Second, you call a colleague just using your business mobile ID. Third, you call your kids using your personal ID to let them know you will be home in half an hour. 

Making Converged Contact Solutions happen

Converged Contact is not just some futuristic concept: we are already delivering our first steps in Converged Contact Solutions to our customers and partners across the region. Those foundations will be continuously added to, using our rapid innovation techniques and technology platform. Through our buy-and-build strategy, we have been working in the background on our Converged Contact Solutions for some time, bringing together some of the best technologies and brains in the industry.

Today, we are one integrated Enreach family uniquely positioned to deliver Converged Contact Solutions, with the breadth and depth of telecom services, contact center functions, productivity tools, mobile expertise, and connectivity. The bridge between IT and comms has now been created so that users can enjoy one seamless technology experience. Plus, a ‘mobile-first’ approach is central to Enreach’s strategy, giving people the freedom to work better from anywhere, at any time.

Context is an essential part of our vision for Converged Contact, enabling different contact streams to integrate with both our own and third-party apps to provide customised workflows. Plus, we are partner-friendly, working with them to develop the ecosystem of Converged Contact Solutions across the region. We are also dedicated to Europe, understand the specific needs of local markets, and can provide same-timezone support in local languages.

We are excited to work with our entire Enreach community — customers, partners and employees — at the start of this new era that will revolutionise how people communicate, collaborate and work. Technology that goes beyond expectations and works around people and business:  Converged Contact Solutions are the future, available right now.


This blog was published on Comms Business