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Five ways to get more from Microsoft Teams

22 Apr 2022

Enreach has identified some tangible ways customers can enhance Teams as part of a more comprehensive digital workplace. The result is a holistic, single source for IT and communications. Plus, our Teams integration creates a powerful opportunity for telecom and ICT partners to differentiate and expand their own offerings.

Here are five ways to get more of Microsoft Teams:

1. Achieve FMC

With direct routing through our telephony platform, easily manage incoming and outgoing calls, regardless of device or network. For example, dial a colleague direct from Teams on a mobile device or enable colleagues to see all users’ real-time status to tell when someone is busy on a call.

2. Extra PBX features

Valuable features include choosing which fixed or mobile number to present on outgoing calls, simultaneous ringing on all selected devices, whether a desk phone, a mobile DECT handset, softphone, or smartphone), and short-dialling (such as office extensions). Call continuity enables easy switching between different devices without any interruption: even flip from just audio to video at the last minute. In effect, the Teams app becomes just one more terminal or endpoint: there is no distinction between PSTN, mobile or Teams calls. Through the Presence feature, be aware of each Teams’ user’s real-time status (including if they are on a mobile call) and route calls accordingly. In addition, detailed telephony reporting analytics show detailed call volumes or patterns, even down to individual users.

3. Contact-centre functionality everywhere

Businesses can have flexible, full-contact centre functionality regardless of location, even when working from home, using Teams as the interface. Enreach’s contact centre solutions are flexible to suit every kind of business, even the smallest company that does not require a dedicated contact centre. As well as standard contact centre features, Enreach is also pioneering more innovative ways for businesses to communicate with their customers, including conversational AI.

4. Bring together IT and communications

Stop Teams being a separate silo and make it part of the wider business, such as integrating it with CRM and ERP systems. For instance, the latest communication with a customer is captured within Salesforce or Dynamics 365 without leaving Teams. Removing the need for users to switch between apps is a small gain that can add up, contributing to a smoother working day with less time wasted.

5. Benefit from local expertise and experience

Enreach, a Microsoft Gold Partner, can provide competitively-priced Microsoft licences, telephony subscriptions (including mobile), contact centre solutions and more, backed by local support and simplified configuration. For our partners, we offer a comprehensive choice of white-label options, as well as bring-your-own-operator. Furthermore, through its pan-European telephony network, Enreach makes Microsoft Teams’ telephony available in more countries than currently supported by Microsoft. Our integration with Teams is just one part of our vision to provide a world of converged contact, where communications, collaboration and productivity are seamlessly integrated into one context-based, user-defined environment. It is time to take Teams to the next level.

This article was published in UC Today's Microsoft Teams Market Guide on April 14th. Download here the complete market guide.