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How channel firms can expand from IT into comms

23 Nov 2022


Traditionally, IT and telecoms have mainly been separate technology siloes, but the situation is changing fast, not just because the technology barriers are disappearing. For channel firms focused on IT and wanting to expand their portfolios, there is a huge opportunity to be explored, and conversely, not doing so could mean being out of step with what users want.

Of course, end user needs may differ and the channel player’s role vary depending on the size of the companies (SoHo, SMEs, or large enterprises), the vertical market (education, retail and so on), and the diversity of the employees (field workers, white or blue collar workers). 

In particular, business users, especially SMBs, increasingly want a one-stop shop for all their ICT requirements and do not want to spend valuable time dealing with different vendors. So, they are open to receiving, for instance, unified communications services and IT products from the same source.  

Some will wish for rapid self-service; others will be looking for more of an advisory role from their providers, with a relationship based on a deep understanding of their business requirements.  

Plus, all these technologies are now much easier to integrate with one another to provide a more seamless user experience. In addition, the kind of sophisticated services previously only available to large enterprises with big budgets are now within the reach of a far larger range of firms, even quite small organisations, without substantial up-front investments or internal effort.  

Regardless of how these services are provided, the big question is who is in the hot seat? The IT supplier? A comms system integrator? Or one of the giant global firms that have entered the communications services market, providing yet further competition for the region’s existing channel players.  

Furthermore, time is of the essence: research from the Cavell Group in late 2021 found that 35% of businesses surveyed were looking to change their communications platform in the following 12 months. That is a massive volume of potential new customers for any channel player, as long as they can provide what those customers want. Fortunately, there are some sweet spots ready for ICT providers to investigate.

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