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Mobile is at the heart of customers’ lives – so it needs to be at the heart of service providers’ 2024 business strategies too

9 Nov 2023

by Jeff Catz, Head of Product Innovation

Every year around MWC, a variety of market data usually provides evidence of mobile usage’s growth. While the figures may vary, it is clear that mobile has become the last device people would be prepared to let go of, whether for personal use or business. Indeed, the business market is one where mobile is hot on the heels of laptop computers as the device of choice for many people.  

Not just when on the move, employees choose to use their mobiles when working from home or in the office. Mobiles have become the remote controllers for our lives and the default ‘go to’, even for some tasks previously only viable on a desktop (such as ‘light’ contact centre style features for staff who engage with customers), albeit with exceptions for some personas and markets.  

The sheer usability of modern smartphones and many mobile apps has much to do with their preferred status. Frankly, the CX on mobile often surpasses the desktop (albeit with some limitations, such as screen and keyboard size). And as Gen Z or post-millennials enter the workplace, these true digital natives have even higher expectations of the technology experience, one that fits around their lives. So, they expect the kind of experience when working as they do when checking Tik Tok. 

Of course, many business apps are fast catching up with their consumer counterparts, which is good news not just for users but also for service providers, yet in many cases, it remains an afterthought. So why is this, given the evidence that mobile is where some of the most significant potential opportunities exist right now? The answer is that embracing mobile can seem daunting. 

Evolution is often better than revolution, so start with simple steps. For example, even when business apps exist separately on a mobile device, they add value. However, integrate them into the wider environment, and they can take mobile contact to a whole new level.  

MOBiiS is putting CSPs in front of customers 

For example, MOBiiS, Enreach for Service Providers’ mobile app, is designed to enhance business collaboration and productivity, putting mobility at the heart of the user experience. In just one touch, employees can access and control a rich variety of unified cloud communications services: centralised access to colleagues, business apps, and team-wide status, start a chat, share documents, manage automatic call distribution (ACD) and benefit from many other features, all from within the MOBiiS app. Seamlessly flip to GSM during a video meeting when the WiFI signal is poor.  

Furthermore, cloud service providers can white-label market MOBiiS under their own brand ID, meaning that when users open their home screens, they see the provider’s logo. In a market where visibility and getting credit for providing a great technology experience is increasingly vital for service providers, this is an easy way to stay front-of-mind with customers. We have dozens of service providers across Europe doing just this.  

Partnerships Matter 

This latter is an important point: partnerships have never been more integral to the industry’s collective future. It is vital to appreciate that no organisation can do everything on its own: we are stronger together. And, as far as mobile is concerned, CSPs need to find ecosystems of vendors and other contributors who put the service provider at the heart of the relationship. Selecting best-of-breed technologies from different sources — designed to ‘play nice’ with each other and have an open, collaborative approach, is essential. It is also the route for CSPs to differentiate.  

Also, look for organisations that are not just starting on their own mobile journeys and themselves on the learning curve's nursery slope. Instead, seek out vendors with real-world experience, expertise, and market-proven deployed solutions. For instance, at Enreach, our rich heritage means that we were (and continue to be) one of the pioneers of a ‘mobile-first’ approach, something which only recently is being talked about in other parts of the industry. For many years, we have helped service providers across the European region to build better businesses using our mobile-centric solutions. 

Mobile is increasingly the central and universal tool of choice for so many users, and we will welcome the opportunity to talk about how we can be your partner for mobile success in 2024.