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Partner voices: discussions with the channel

30 May 2022

In a recent UC Today Partner Update video interview with editor David Dungay, Enreach Chief Commercial Officer Doctor Ralf Ebbinghaus described trends dominating partner conversations recently.

Ralf said many partners are approaching Enreach as they evaluate their relationships with existing vendors. One of the advantages of Enreach is that the group is based in and committed to Europe. Ralf also shared that one of the biggest conversations has been helping partners make the most of the Enreach portfolio, introducing them to products that they are not already selling. 

IT resellers 

As an example, Ralf cited the group is encouraging IT resellers to look at the opportunities around connectivity, including mobile solutions. Selling more to a customer creates greater ‘stickiness’, but it also helps that customer by better fulfilling their needs.   

David asked Ralf to provide some more detail on the Enreach portfolio and, in particular, the products that have been the most popular during the past 12 months. The group’s unified communications as a service (UCaaS) was one success story Ralf listed, with cloud now a universally hot topic, even in countries that have been more reticent previously.  

Differentiation is key 

Enreach’s ability to offer different products according to the reseller and customer needs is essential, including multi-tenant and multi-instant cloud products. Ralf also mentioned the group’s strong integrations, such asMicrosoft Teams, and the roll-out of Enreach’s contact-centre-as-a-service solutions.  

Next, David asked Ralf to expand on achieving customer stickiness and reseller differentiation. Introducing the topic of Converged Contact, Ralf said, “We bring isolated solutions together in one comprehensive package. We have everything in one place so that the reseller can create bundles that fit the demands of the end-users.” 

Coming up next 

Finally, David asked what partners could expect for the rest of this year and how Enreach is helping them succeed. Ralf talked about how the group engages with resellers through surveys and other initiatives to learn what they want from Enreach. 

As a result, in 2022, the channel can expect to see greater communications around the value proposition of different products, plus more resources to help sell those, including an online training programme.  

Enreach is also spreading the word to new partners, especially sharing how Converged Contact creates ways for them to compete and succeed in today’s marketplace. “We deliver the building blocks for partners to build on and differentiate,” concluded Ralf as a final message to the market. 

Watch the full interview below