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Enreach member of the newly launched EANGTI association

13 Feb 2020


European telecom SMEs launch the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunication Innovators (EANGTI)

13 February 2020 – Today, the European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Innovators (EANGTI) was launched, with the mission to foster innovation in the European telecommunications space. The association is dedicated to promote the existing SME eco-system and the opportunity in creating a SME-friendly environment in the European telecommunications sector, as well as showcasing and creating awareness around the capabilities of the SME eco-system to supply all components of a full 4G and 5G network. EANGTI is an initiative spearheaded by a group of European telecom SMEs including Amarisoft, Summa Networks, and ng-voice, and is further supported by a number of associated members, including Enreach and Halys, that share the association’s mission.

“Given European policymakers’ concerns regarding the lack of diversity of suppliers for 4G and 5G networks, EANGTI can highlight that there are already a number of innovative and young European enterprises ready to solve the challenges we are facing today”, says Franck Spinelli, Founder and CEO, Amarisoft, and Co-President of EANGTI.

“It is key that Europe can continue to reap the benefits of innovation and intellectual property developed in Europe. We have founded EANGTI to give the smaller highly innovative European telecom suppliers a voice as well as to ensure that they gain momentum, and receive support and recognition for their innovations and capabilities”, says Dr. David Bachmann CEO, ng-voice, and Co-President of EANGTI.

EANGTI’s primary objectives are to: Deepen the understanding of SMEs’ role and importance in Europe, in driving R&D and innovation, and ensure that European SMEs have a voice; Encourage collaboration between industry players, regulators and other relevant actors, in order to secure an independent European technology eco-system; Promote the capabilities and opportunities of next generation software-defined networks, and create dedicated SME-based showcases and deployments of relevant technologies. Possible ways to address these objectives includes fully SME-based network deployments, supported by dedicated EU funding. Examples include bringing 4G coverage to rural areas, or deploying 5G networks on university campuses, to support research and development of new 5G applications. In addition, EANGTI encourages policymakers and operators to include innovative SMEs in their supplier diversification strategies.

The European Association of Next Generation Telecommunications Innovators (EANGTI) is an industry association comprised of SMEs in the telecommunications industry. The association was founded in 2020 with the ambition to promote innovation in the European telecommunications space.