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Intercity Technology Netherlands continues as Eazit

23 Jan 2019

New name in corporate telecom market challenges major providers

Amsterdam, 23 January 2019 – Telecommunications provider Intercity Technology Netherlands will continue under the name Eazit. In April 2018, the Amsterdam-based company was acquired by Within Reach (WR), the fast-growing European group backed by investment company Waterland who invests in promising and innovative European telecommunications companies. 

Intercity Technology, founded in the Netherlands in 1994, develops communications solutions ranging from mobile telephony and unified communications to VoIP and IT support services. 'A new name calls for a new ambition,' says Mathijs Leenheer, marketing director at Eazit. 'We want to challenge the major telecom providers in the SME market.' 

Business-critical role for telecom According to Leenheer, smaller companies are often turned down by major telecom providers. 'The telecom giants just don't see them as interesting clients. As a result, entrepreneurs with five to ten employees are often forced to take out consumer subscriptions. That's a shame, given that telecom plays a critical operational role for many SMEs; without a stable internet and phone connection, most entrepreneurs would be in serious trouble. It's our mission at Eazit to arrange excellent IT and telecom services for companies of all sizes.' 

Custom solutions At Eazit, even the smallest businesses are assigned their own contact person. 'Being part of Within Reach, we have access to our own software company, which develops telecom products for us,' explains Leenheer. 'This allows us to provide our clients with faster and better services compared with resellers and partners that work with third-party products. Eazit also offers clients the possibility to put two phone numbers on the same SIM card, which means only one device for both personal and private use.' 

In addition to Leenheer, the team also consists of Rob Fechter (Sales Director) and Susanne van Houdt (Operations Director). These seasoned telecom professionals have years of experience at companies like Simpel, KPN, Telfort, and Tele2. The Eazit office is located in Amsterdam Southeast and has 35 employees. 


About Eazit Eazit, formerly Intercity Technology Nederland, was founded in 1994 and develops communications solutions ranging from mobile telephony and unified communications to VoIP and IT support services. 

With a personal approach and custom solutions for telecom products (offered via holding company Within Reach), Eazit serves the corporate market, with a specific focus on SMEs. 

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About Within Reach (WR) Within Reach is the holding company for several brands, including Voiceworks, Swyx, and Centile. All of these brands contribute to intelligent and integrated IT and communications solutions that optimize communication and collaboration between and within organizations. Within Reach serves the German, Dutch and French markets, is active in 25 countries and has more than 500 employees. 

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