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Lead Management

Get an easy overview of all individual leads. Everything collected in one easy-to-understand place

Lead Tracking

Keep track of lead sources

Setup Lead Management sources and integrate them to a landing page, website popup, FTP server, our API or other sources. Collect Lead Management and keep track of where leads were created and updated. Handle duplicates, data validation and rejects like a breeze

Lead Overview

Overview of all lead details

Get one simple overview for all details about your leads. Show historic events like emails, sms, website visits and more. All data is in one place

Lead Documentation

Document your data source

Make it easy to document where you obtained the data about your leads. All historic updates are visible and searchable. Use the historic data for segmentation and still use updated data

Data Privacy

GDPR compliance is easy

If a consumer requests all the data you have about them, its exported by clicking a button. The system automatically generates PDF files containing the data including explanation for the consumer about what the data covers

DNC List

Multiple blocklists available

Many have the need to maintain multiple different blocklists or do not call lists. A lead can be a member of one or many or none of them. Whatever the case is, the platform documents changes to all lists to make it easy to use.