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SMS & Email Marketing

Easy and quick creation of SMS and emails to reach all your prospects

Email editor

Build beautiful emails with ease

Our popular drag and drop Email Marketing editor is extremely easy to work with. Yet it supports many advanced features and makes it possible for everyone to become an expert fast.

Set Rules

Rule based content

Add power to your emails by using rule-based content. Show or hide each part of an email using simple rules. This allows you to have only one mail template instead of multiple if you communicate about multiple products or similar.

Heatmap Analysis

Analyze your emails with heatmap

Our platform has all the standard email statistics like open rate, click rate, delivery rate etc. But we also added a powerful heatmap report that shows you exactly what part of your email performed the best.

SMS Tracking

Send SMS messages with built-in tracking

SMS is a highly effective channel for sales and marketing. However, until now it can be hard to monitor and improve the performance in detail. That’s why we built a unique click tracker for links in SMS messages. This allows you to use links to your website and track who clicks it.