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Agent Organization

Ensure that the right agents with the right skills sets are staffed at the right time

Organizational Management

Control data access

Our Outbound solution uses an Agent Organization tree to control who can see what data. Simply drag a user to another team or department to change their access rights.

When creating users for your team, you can easily organize them in any multi-level structure you want.

User Roles

Control feature access

We want to make administration simple and straightforward.

Create user roles and assign them to users or teams. Each user can have multiple roles that cater to multiple responsibilities, allowing them the right access at the right time

Activity Calendar

Work schedule and payroll

As an add-on, you can choose to control your schedule planning directly inside Outbound.

Create activities and shift templates and assign them to users or teams. Or let your agents choose themselves between the schedules you give access to.

Handle export to your payroll system, including sales provisions and bonuses directly from the agents’ results.