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SIP Trunks

With more and more businesses choosing SIP Trunks over traditional business phone lines, it’s clear that this affordable, reliable voice service is proving itself to be the popular choice in business telephony. By connecting your business phone system to the phone network via the internet, SIP trunking offers you greater flexibility and significant cost savings (of up to 50%) by dividing bandwidth between voice calls and data, through a single internet connection.

With services like Skype growing in sophistication and reliability, whilst supporting an unlimited number of channels and therefore calls, businesses are recognising the benefits of VoIP and how it can enhance their individual needs and goals. Furthermore, the falling prices of SIP have made VoIP a far more viable option for SME businesses.

With traditional phone line technology being phased out by 2025, SIP trunks will help to future proof your business whilst also saving you a significant amount of money on your existing line rental and call costs.

With no need for additional physical line installation, SIP trunks can be scaled up or down in line with your business needs. For remote and flexible workers, productivity isn’t compromised, with the ability to be integrated with a SIP-based business phone system. As a result, they retain access to the same features as their office-based colleagues, regardless of their location.

In the event of a line fault, power cut, or disaster, calls will be automatically routed to an active broadband connection, thus removing the need to maintain a parallel set of lines as back up for when these unforeseen situations occur.

Perhaps the most important advantage of SIP is its ability to be completely scalable. Every business is unique, so depending on your specific needs, you can scale up or down with ease. For expanding businesses, your voice service can grow with you to reflect your development. Businesses that experience busier periods can choose to increase their resources as and when they need to, to cope with the higher demand. With SIP, a bespoke communications solution is cost effective, easily achieved and extremely advantageous to your business.