09 August 2019

How to make your team passionate and fan of your company with Holacracy

… or ‘how the organizational structure of a company can facilitate intrinsic motivation’

The title ‘How to make your team passionate and fan of your company with Holacracy’ may sound pretentious, but when I was discussing with Laura from BIC Euronova about titles for the talk ‘Breakfast and innovation with Holacracy’ (read more about it here), this is the one she suggested and I think it describes how the structure of a company can increase the happiness of its employees.

Happiness (understood as cheerful people and a good work environment in the office) and passion for work (understood as people looking for solutions and not looking for problems every time a challenge presents) are usually related to the intrinsic motivation. I don’t think you can be happy and passionate working 8 hours every day (or 9 or even 12) if you are not motivated, and you can’t be motivated if you aren’t enjoying what you do. Who would enjoy a boring job, with traditional top-down management, and not being able to implement improvements that would make your work easier and more efficient? Many times, these situations occur because the structure of the company doesn´t empower the employees to take their own decisions and take responsibility for them.

At Summa we work with Holacracy, a system in which traditional decision-making is removed from the top of the organization and distributed amongst employees. This fosters personal leadership and create a startup feeling even in bigger organizations.

I’m not saying that the employees are all of a sudden going to become efficient and committed just because a new organizational structure like Holacracy is introduced, but that the structure of the company will encourage certain behaviours. And if these behaviours help to boost intrinsic motivation, they will help improve the happiness of the employees and change the business culture.

As Peter Drucker said: “Culture takes strategy for breakfast”, so if your company has a structure that helps develop an appropriate culture, you will progress much faster.

Read more about Holacracy at the link.

Federico Jiménez Clemente, Product Owner and Holacracy Coach

Original article (in Spanish) at the link


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