21 October 2019

Meetup: Creating an Agile team

On October 30th Summa Labs in Malaga will host and sponsor the Meetup “Creating agile teams”, organized and held by our very Federico Jiménez Clementes, Product Owner and Holacracy coach at Summa. Read further to register!

After our previous Meetup on agility and self-organization, we would like to share our experience on how cohesive teams are created which work towards a common goal. Our next Meetup will focus around the topic “Creating Agile Teams”. The Meetup will take place on Wednesday, October 30th at the Summa Labs offices at the BIC EURONOVA. More details and registration at the link.

In this meeting Mar Mellado González (Mar Mellado Consultora,) and Juan Diego Salinas (Coaching Airlines) will tell us how agile teams can be created, from the search for the right members to help in their evolution from a working group to an agile team.


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