11 March 2019

New office for Summa Labs Malaga!

Last Friday we inaugurated the expansion of our development lab in Malaga, while celebrating our 4th birthday. The team grew exponentially in the past years and we needed more space to make our colleagues comfortable, welcome new ones and play games – besides developing great code.

Because Summa is not only about work. We do work hard, but we play even harder. We value the great team spirit in Malaga and we foster an environment where our colleagues can relax and have fun together.

Since its opening in 2014 we have been hiring more and more talented developers and became one of the tech companies many others at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía look at. Our local team develop connectivity solutions and operations and billing platforms for telecommunications like for our sister company Voiceworks.

We are happy to have extended our space with a big canteen where we can have lunch all together, have more fun with table-tennis, darts and a game console. Let’s not forget the beer tap, with which we will close the week every Friday afternoon.



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