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Eazit is a nationally operating ICT, internet and telecom supplier. A one-stop-shop for SMEs with communication solutions and services that work. With a personal approach, service-oriented attitude and a broad portfolio, Eazit supports you optimally in promoting digital and online collaboration within your company.

Eazit in numbers

Years of experience 25 + Years of experience
Employees 50 + Employees
Offices 3 Offices

What do we stand for

Always a suitable solution and a long-term relationship, those are our starting points. That starts with good listening in the first place. We feel involved in your problem or question and stand for transparent solutions, honest advice and enthusiastic service and support. Based on our core values, we all work towards the same goal: Our solutions should work for you!

1. Result. Our solutions and services must work for our customers. Point. All new techniques and possibilities such as the cloud are of course beautiful, but we never forget what is most important: It just has to work!

2. Honest. We always go for a long-term relationship with Eazit. We believe that this is only possible with a clear and transparent story and honest advice.

3. Empathize. We deliver solutions that work and tell an honest story because we really care about our customers. We understand the stumbling blocks and the pitfalls and would like to make the best choice together.


4. Ask questions. Ask questions and -perhaps more importantly- listen to the answers! Good support, appropriate advice; it all starts with good listening.

5. Fun. Very important. What we do is fun! We take our work very seriously when it comes to complex projects and difficult issues. But then it is important to realize every now and then: What we do is fun! And of course we hope you see that too.

6. Flexible. Developments go fast and no customer is the same. We believe that as a supplier you should move along and not the other way around. We therefore stand for flexible solutions and flexible contracts. Ready for the future, ready for growth.

7. Go the extra mile. Our solutions must work. That sometimes means looking beyond your own solutions, contracts and SLAs. The result comes first.

8. Appointment = Appointment. We don't like the fine print and stand on our stripes. We are in favor of clarity: We say what we do and do what we say.

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