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APIs Help Centile Deliver Rich Analytics

3 mars 2020

Give the customer what they want,’ a statement that resonates well with Centile  

Analytics add value to nearly every aspect of contact centers. Thanks to speech, text, and desktop analytics, along with predictive as well as self-service analytics, executing optimizations to CX is simpler than ever before. 

With the potential for so much to go wrong in a contact center environment, any business intelligence tool intended to provide insight into your company’s deficiencies is a worthy tool. That mechanism must also be well-thought-out and produced in a way that caters to the specific unified communications needs of an enterprise or contact center. 

The complexity of it all, is the reason, according to Jean-Charles Collin, Head of Product Sales Experts, Centile, why the company takes three different approaches to comprehensive analytics. 

First, is Centile’s ready-to-use model, which gives users access to dashboard and wallboard solutions while extending a short time to market, Collin shared. Centile’s second data collection method is via API. Through its ISTRA API, users can build portals and screens that provide a full set of metrics for agents and supervisors of an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD). The third, mobile analytics. 

Customers Want Analytics, & UCaaS Providers Must Adapt 

Collin said analytics is great for contact centers, but a growing number of enterprise leaders realize what analytics can do for business. As such, Centile works with French service provider Fiducial Cloud. The UCaaS provider is a subsidiary of one of the largest enterprise serving the accounting business (Fiducial). 

“More and more customers request analytics and they prove UCaaS vendors must adapt to these changes: the time where a customer wanted an off-the-shelf solution is almost gone, we are in a space where we have to listen to what they need and be agile to offer something accurate” 

The unified communications company also leverages a partnership with Appliwave (recently acquired by Septeo) and one of the largest suppliers in the notary business. It makes enhancements to its application with Centile’s myRCC API, which brings call control features allowing users to implement telephony analytics. 

From this, you can view the number of calls received, placed, missed, the duration, and more. He told me, plus the API gives direct access to call histories that trigger callback campaigns. The idea being, to ensure every call is handled in a centralized location and logged properly. 

Don’t Forget About Mobile 

Mobile devices are data goldmines and can lend valuable insight into a business. Jean-Charles Collin said this is why the trio wouldn’t be complete without a mobile analytics platform. “More and more users (regular ones but also ACD agents) only have a mobile phone provided by their company or it is their device.” 

Since Centile’s ISTRA platform offers fixed-mobile convergence, it also provides metrics and usage statistics for mobile employees. Colin said since customers want to be autonomous and to offer tailor-made solutions for customers. Centile sees this as the chance to give them what they want and build long-lasting relationships. 

What’s Centile working on next? I asked Colin that very question and he told me, “Proving a client-to-client CRM integration through MyISTRA that lets users open their CRM from a URL request with custom parameters.” He hinted, Centile is also planning to refresh its client applications look and feel, and it started with mobile application MOBiiS.