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Backing channel partners’ independence – because we’re better together

8 sept. 2022

In this blog, Iain Sinnott – Head of International Carrier Sales, Enreach for Service Providers – explains why he and the company believe that the channel needs to retain ownership of the customer relationship, for everyone’s ultimate benefit.

Service providers across Europe have invested extensive time and money in developing their product portfolios, roadmap strategies, teams, locations, support services, and — most importantly, building a brand and nurturing customer relationships. Without a doubt, these are all valuable assets, so it is vital to look after these valuable assets. And, in a changing marketplace, this is an essential consideration for today’s service providers.

Risky times

For instance, there are some brands courting both established and new independent service providers to be their champions. Of course, for some newer players, riding on the coattails of the big brand, may be an understandably attractive route to fast revenue and an early exit, especially if they have limited marketing budgets of their own.

However, these business models means that service providers relinquish much of the customer relationship. That is a risky strategy, in effect handing over much of a service provider’s control over its destiny to a third party.

I believe that it is in the best interests of both customers and their service providers to retain their relationships and are best served by white-label options from the comms platform suppliers, who are in the background, providing the technology, support and innovative roadmaps.

Our commitment

I am not alone in this opinion: my colleagues are equally passionate about this. Indeed, Enreach for Service Providers — through its Centile heritage — has a long track record of supporting service providers rather than expecting us to play the starring role. So, Enreach for Service Providers proudly continues to put our shoulders to our partners’ wheels rather than asking them to put their shoulders to ours.

After all, the actual value of technology is achieved by matching it precisely to its users and their processes, and that only happens when the provider gets close to the customer and stays there. Giving customers exactly what they need is in our interests, too: happy users are loyal and returning users. Plus, they (together with providers and vendors) are essential to growing a thriving market collectively.

So, our message to the service provider community is clear: we remain on the side of independence, with the customer relationship and contract staying where it belongs: with our partners. We are better together, so let’s collaborate now and for the future to make the most of this exciting, fast-changing time in the market.

To find out more about the white label options from Enreach for Service Providers, contact myself and the team at