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Blurred UC lines

2 avr. 2021

Enterprise-grade UC solutions cover a multitude of users. Is there really a one-size-fits-all solution? Comms Business investigates

Multiple solutions

Justin Hamilton-Martin, sales director UK, Enreach for Service Providers thinks “there is absolutely no doubt” UC solutions are theoretically capable of scaling from large to small, but what matters is the execution. “In a SMB of just three people, people can have multiple roles: they can be super-users who do everything. However, in an organisation with 3,000 users, then choosing a UC platform with the ability to define and support roles in a very granular way becomes vital. Apart from not wanting all employees having equal access to services from a security perspective, businesses should not have to pay for features that are not needed by everyone.”


Do the costs stack-up?

For Hamilton-Martin, from Enreach for Service Providers, there tends to be higher ARPU in SMBs compared to larger enterprises, which is why granularity to pick-and-choose the functionality and roles that a customer really wants matters so much. He said, “The flexibility to balance ARPU in large-scale environments becomes easier to achieve when businesses are only paying for what they need. From a sales-perspective, one way to address both ends of the spectrum would be through a simplified UC package for SMBs and a more key account approach for larger businesses, using cloud-based fulfilment and service plan tools for a more customised solution.”


Tailored solutions

According to Hamilton-Martin, the ability to create tailored packages does not have to mean sacrificing simplicity and cost-effectiveness. “The latest-generation of UC services support the creation of templates for different user categories for both large and small businesses, across vertical markets but also specific needs such as light contact centre functionality. An SMB might need all the features in a bundle, and a connector into the education sector, whereas the finance department in a larger business might need fewer of those features. Choose the right UC building blocks for each market.


Source: Comms Business – Enterprise UC market report page