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Building collaborative contact revenue with UCaaS

19 avr. 2021

Cloud technology has transformed how many services and applications are delivered, giving access to sophisticated functionality previously only available to big enterprises with large budgets. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is part of that cloud revolution, and represents an opportunity for service providers to offer powerful contact technology to business customers. Benefits include:

  • Support for remote workforces
  • Rapid roll-out of new features
  • No need for in-house expertise
  • High availability and scalability
  • Cost savings – through reduced capex and opex
  • Experimentation with UC without big commitments
  • No more siloed systems, through seamless integrations

Integrations open doors

This latter point is important, because UCaaS can combine multiple communication and collaboration applications and services in a single environment. Through powerful APIs, UC becomes more integrated within enterprise processes such as CRMs, ERPs and vertical-specific systems. UCaaS can become the starting point for service providers to offer other, complementary contact solutions and applications as part of customers’ digital transformation. Plus, as the UCaaS vendor is responsible for R&D and making sure everything works, the service provider can focus on its business. A far wider group of service providers can start offering or testing UC without major commitment.

Focus on business, not technology

While UCaaS can be implemented ‘off-the-shelf’, it should also have flexible options for service providers to customise their own contact products. At Enreach, we believe in giving partners the ability to customise, not force a ‘one size fits all’ approach. As well as supporting market differentiation, customisation helps to fit UCC around the way a customer’s business works, rather than forcing them to make changes to accommodate new technology. Customisation also helps the creation of vertical or horizontal market specific packages, such as contact centre functionality, minus the investment and cost of a traditional contact centre solution.

Mobile and more

With UCaaS, users can have a consistent experience, across all devices, locations, apps and networks. UCaaS is also a natural fit with mobile technology, so that it becomes part of the overall communications environment. This focus on mobility is an area that Enreach has pioneered and won awards for over the years, blending network-driven native Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) with UCaaS.

Working with service providers

Enreach is Europe’s fast-growing UC company, with market-proven, white-label, multi-tenant UCC cloud solutions. Enreach’s mission is to give businesses easy access to superior quality contact tools, combined with a simple-to-use, user-centric interface. We are helping resellers of all kinds transition towards SaaS and service provider models, enabling them to retain ownership of the customer relationship, but with access to the expertise of our 950 employees and other resources across 25 European offices. UCaaS can drive new revenue, build more business and explore new markets. Enreach is committed to helping partners achieve those goals.

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