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Centile ISTRA - Simple Enterprise Collaboration

8 juil. 2019

Centile’s UCaaS Collab software extends the unified experience across all devices  

I sat down with Centile’s UK Director Justin Hamilton-Martin, who filled me in on how Centile tackles team and workplace collaboration, he also gave me some insight into the way Centile views Collab. Hamilton-Martin shared; he believes employers do not want to lose control of features like staff reporting, adding new Collab channels that support video conferencing, chat, and email – all capabilities with Centile ISTRA, which is available in two versions. ISTRA Collab Business is a webRTC with a max of five users and ISTRA Collab Enterprise is powered by Zoom and enables up to 300 users. 

ISTRA Collab is for video conferencing and collaboration. Users can integrate with Zoom from a unified end-user interface along with other popular user apps for video conferencing through mobile devices and desktops – this means that when they are in a meeting, ISTRA knows and can change their status, users can also then set ISTRA to trigger actions like call forwarding to voicemail, personal assistants, etc., never once interrupting their meeting. 

ISTRA, Collaboration Beyond Video 

ISTRA is about convenience and lets users join webinars and calls on the go, and even while driving. The ability to integrate with advanced collaboration tools alone is convenient, but ISTRA users have access to other forms of convenience. 

For instance, users can quickly/easily send Zoom meeting links to anyone within their organization, join video calls to clarify project roles, and delegate tasks using the platform. ISTRA Collab hosts video calls of up to 300 participants per room via Zoom, and extends the use of advanced wallboard technology, remote control, and group/private chat, delivering robust collaboration experiences. 

As Centile proceeds expansion into new territories, it continues to roll out cost-effective features that accommodate organizations that can’t afford 300 Zoom licenses, as a result, Centile’s developers are putting the finishing touches on an in-house video conference feature. They plan to roll out the new in-house WebRTC video conferencing feature this summer. 

Bridging the Gap 

There are a growing number of collaboration tools available, but few as extensive as what Centile brings to the table, as the reseller community stands to gain the reassurance of user-friendly deployment and effortless management. Resellers can switch on and off features thanks to Centile’s use of the UCaaS application model, alleviating the stress involved in creating multiple contracts to lend access to separate features. 

“There are a lot of video conferencing apps out there but being able to bring them all together is what UCaaS is all about” 

“If you use Zoom separately from our platform, it cannot detect if you are in a meeting, thus leaving your status as available. Calls can also set to record automatically and change a user’s status to ‘in a meeting’ when determined they’re in a meeting with ISTRA.” 

The business applications of collaboration software like ISTRA are endless and include increased productivity, as well as seamless workplace communications. The use of enterprise-grade APIs has made Centile agile, thus fast to react to the ever-changing nature of UC and collaboration

Consequently, Centile is swiftly empowering companies to merge collaboration platforms, granting enterprises more flexibility than once imagined.