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Centile launches new features on ISTRA

13 janv. 2020

 Centile Telecom Applications has unveiled new features on its ISTRA solution to provide support for SMEs in their digital transformation. 

To prepare for the transition to digital enterprises, Centile is developing its ISTRA solution, making it possible in the short term to increase ROI by improving the user experience. 

Mobility within companies is now one of the strong points of digital transformation and smartphones have become one of the main drivers. 
MOBiiS, Centile’s mobile application, optimised for true fixed-mobile convergence, is transforming the way employees manage their business communications. All the features of Centile’s ISTRA platform are available on mobile phones (Android and iOS), allowing users to better communicate and manage their availability. Collaborative work in a mobile environment is thereby made easier. 

The latest improvements to MOBiiS are based on: 

– The integration of a secure, collaborative enterprise messaging system that allows end users to chat, share photos, videos, and files, create public or private channels, and take advantage of push mode notifications 
– Adding features to an ongoing call that mobile phones do not provide (on-the-fly recording, supervised transfer (mobile BLF, N-way conferences, etc.) 
– Login/logout in groups, corporate visual voice mail 
– The right to disconnect, now a legal obligation, via the PRO ON-OFF button 

According to Gartner, 65% of teleconferencing solution users will benefit from audio conferencing options based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over IP (VoIP) by 2020, compared to 20% in 2017. 

In addition to its videoconferencing offer which is based on Zoom (ISTRA Collab Enterprise), and allowing up to 300 participants to be connected, Centile has developed its own videoconferencing solution called ISTRA Collab Business. Based on Web RTC technology, ISTRA Collab Business is fully customizable and can accommodate up to five participants. 

The new version of ISTRA is enhanced with analytics (real-time performance monitoring, reporting, etc.) and call centre improvements (visual supervision of queues and automatic call distribution via chat). 

Once again, Centile Telecom Applications is demonstrating its ability to grow its platform and offer one of the most comprehensive unified communication solutions on the market. By meeting and anticipating the needs of companies, Centile is therefore pursuing a policy of continuous innovation and is already planning to launch new features to better collaborate and connect to its customers’ business applications.