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Centile + Swyx = Reseller Gold

6 déc. 2019

The two join forces again to extend more reseller value  

Ever since Centile teamed up with Swyx and Enreach, the group’s been on a quest of sorts. A crusade to become the European UCaaS market leader. Getting there takes the aid of sophisticated UCaaS offerings that are both agile and affordable. These UCaaS solutions, in theory, would also need to be easy to sell. 

That’s where a key group of individuals comes into the equation, namely resellers. In a recent interview with Justin Hamilton Martin, UK Director, Centile, and Mark Russell, Director of Operations, Swyx UK told me how, together, their solutions offer an enhanced integration experience. 

Centile is a leading European developer of unified communications platforms for operators and integrators. They are unique, in that they have an interesting value proposition, with their mobile-first Any³ architecture – which allows any service, over any network, on any device, tackling the needs of small and large enterprises. The Swyx platform helps the group address the needs of SMBs with a dedicated PBX solution for end-users not ready for a multi-tenant offering. 

Introducing Project Harmony 

The combined Swyx and Centile teams work in perfect harmony to extend something truly valuable to resellers – ease of install, a contact or UC system that could sell itself, along with cost savings. It is only fitting that the group is working on two projects called Project Harmony and Infinity. Addressing the plans, Russell shared: 

“Until recently, Swyx has had a dedicated PBX offering that sits in the cloud or on-premises. We have two projects underway to merge the group’s technology” 

“Project Harmony, which brings together our group’s user interface, and Project Infinity, which will unify our engines, and make the final proposition more powerful than ever” 

Swyx also offers a fully configurable soft client with a custom skin design, available as both a softphone and as a controller for a physical device. Swyx even fully integrates with Active Directory, enabling seamless user creation with an extra level of security. This makes this chameleon-like PBX system a great option for integrators. 

For those with heightened levels of security concerns, the Swyx client also works with dedicated TLS tunnels to connect its remote workers and maintain network security at all times. All this is key in considering how to sell such an offering, and Swyx knows this. 

Flexibility is a Reseller-Must 

Russell further shared, the system is extremely strong for integrators looking to configure custom integrations for bespoke work-flows that require a tight connection between information resident on a database and the PBX platform. While this may sound daunting, the drag-and-drop intuitive interface makes this as simple as driving through a city. 

During our chat, I also learned about how a Swyx platform saved one UK-based customer a lot of money on supporting their contact center solution. The company purchased a Swyx solution in a hurry and didn’t need all the bells and whistles in the first place. What they needed was simple functionality to get them back up and running. Following a review of their workflow, the Swyx’ partner saw a path to make improve their operational practice that passed down savings of over £ 250,000 to the end customer of over that year. 

Knowing that technology can address the simple requirements elegantly, and knowing that it can flex and grow with the customer is what creates such a strong relationship between the reseller and vendors. The Swyx and Centile team seems to have a strong foundation for any reseller’s relationship, and is well worth a look.