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Centile Takes on CRMs with ISTRA and Mondago

1 déc. 2020

I caught up with Jean-Charles Collin, Head of Product Sales Experts, Centile, to talk about the company’s latest version of its unified communications and collaboration solution ISTRA, in the most advanced version of the software, to date. Collin shared with me that Centile decided to focus on CRM integrations this time around, adding:

“ISTRA 10.2 is the newest version of the platform and a major release where we focus on CRM integration. Until now, we had a native Salesforce integration, which we still support, but we have expanded on it”

According to Collin, the majority of Centile’s SMB customers do not use Salesforce. This prompted Centile to launch the freshest iteration of its ISTRA platform, which comes equipped with the new myIstra CRM integration. Users can run myIstra in a web browser, a convenience that lessens the amount of time it takes to deploy the solution. There is even a softphone version available for myIstra users.

For SMBs that need a more lightweight integration, ISTRA 10.2 enables that by letting users trigger an action when they receive a call. This includes triggering an app, URL, or HTTP request to open the CRM system they hope to use. There they can add the relevant information following inbound and outbound calls from customers without leaving the ISTRA platform. It also gives users options on the CRM software they want to use through a partnership with Mondago. The company builds CTI software and CRM integrations and has more than 30 such integrations under its belt.

“They have helped us to reach a wider audience, expanding to Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems”

Since Mondago focuses on CRM integration, Centile customers have access to over 30 CRM platforms, with all actions performed via myIstra’s unified interface. To access the CRM of their choice, users have to download the relevant Mondago plugin. Once this is complete, users can access features such as click-to-call, search for contacts in their CRM, as well as edit and log CRM contacts.

Centile offers UCC Connect Express, which enables any customer to access Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, and Skype for Business. If users need deeper CRM integration access, Centile offers UCC Connect CRM, which provides entrance to CRM heavyweights like Zoho, vTiger, ODOO, and more.

Mondago brings unparalleled value to the ISTRA platform, says Collin. He also told me that Mondago built a custom CRM client for an Australian customer, which needed a more specialized kind of CRM integration. “Mondago made this happen as a specialist in the area and were able to complete the project within a matter of weeks.”

Today, Collin reports, agents at Mia Distribution can receive a call, the right customer page opens, and they can then log any relevant interactions in a specialized CRM system. They can do the same for outgoing calls, too – eliminating the need to leverage two different systems. The partnership also ensures that users remain GDPR compliant, according to Collin. Until the end of February 2021, service providers will have open access to automatic call distribution (ACD) and call recordings – both premium features, free of charge. To activate voice recordings, users must have the necessary infrastructure and license in place, but there is no charge as long as the promotion lasts.

This article was published on UC Today.