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Collaboration is about people, not technology

16 avr. 2021

How people collaborate and communicate has in many cases been narrowed down to the size of a screen. That is why it is so important to make digital collaboration as meaningful and effective as possible, whether internally or customer-facing. In the same way that businesses would not tolerate office space that is not fit-for-purpose, the same should apply to online workplaces, and collaboration is an essential component of those environments. The collaboration quick-fixes we saw in 2020 to help get organisations working remotely rapidly are being reassessed and likely to be replaced, now that businesses have had time to consider what is required longer-term as part of their digital transformation. With remote and hybrid working models clearly here to stay, the emphasis is on giving users everything they need regardless of location, including collaboration.

An opportunity for Service Providers

For service providers, collaboration is a gateway to other opportunities: using cloud-based solutions, they can then offer other products and services, such as mobile, CRM, contact centre applications, and more. With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as the foundation, collaboration becomes one part of an integrated environment that connects multiple communication and productivity tools seamlessly. Consequently, businesses are not just replacing legacy methods, they can make substantial improvements, and through the cloud, save costs due to reduced capex and opex. Just as importantly, collaboration can be fitted around people and their operations, integrating with existing apps and tools, rather than imposing new ways of working. UCaaS also provides the flexibility to tailor collaboration to meet each organisation’s needs and preferences, and service providers can create their own bundles aimed at specific vertical or horizontal markets.


Collaboration is also evolving fast, and early adopters can be one step ahead of the competition, customising the customer experience even more. For instance, reachability will help users to gain better control over their work-life balance, without any compromise to business performance. Plus, mobility of collaboration needs to be an important part of the mix, with more people using their mobile devices for more work. Mobility is integral to Enreach’s market-proven, white-label, multi-tenant UCCcloud solutions, already used by millions of people worldwide.

Working with service providers

Enreach aims to give businesses easy access to high quality contact tools, combined with a simple-to-use, user-centric interface that builds around individual requirements and existing systems. With over 950 employees spread across 25 European offices, Enreach combines the resources of a fast-growing group with local expertise, working with service providers to help them provide powerful features to any business, large or small. Businesses do not buy collaboration tools - they buy ways to help people interact better, and Enreach is here to help Service Providers serve those customers. It is time to put ‘the human’ back into collaboration.