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Enreach for Service Providers and Netaxis : a partnership model as it should be

11 avr. 2023

It’s time to rethink and embrace better partnership models, says Iain Sinnott, head of International Carrier Sales at Enreach for Service Providers. These models must centre around CPSs and involve a wider community of vendors, support specialists, and — most importantly — the end customers. Enreach for Service Providers’ new partnership with Netaxis is an example of this in practice.

Enreach’s position as one of Europe’s leading innovators in cloud communications is market-proven and endorsed by analysts. For instance, Enreach UP gives CSPs UC, contact centre, and meeting/collaboration features in one simplified and easily deployable platform. However, Enreach for Service Providers believes that great technology is just the start: together with new partner Netaxis, it believes there is so much more potential to provide CSPs with customer-centric solutions that meet today and tomorrow’s needs.

Says Iain Sinnott, “Many people talk about partnership models, but in a very restricted way: just a product vendor and a service provider selling a solution to a customer. But that is a blinkered way of looking at how to provide technology in a world that is very different from a few years ago. Our collective opportunities lie in widening the partnership model to include multiple technologies that address the changing needs of diverse customers. Sure, we are addressing many of these additional requirements with our Converged Contact portfolio. However, CSPs and their customers must integrate an even wider range of services to optimise productivity and support employees.”

“Fusion is an excellent fit with Enreach UP because it means that CPSs can offer more than we have to offer across other platforms, apps, and carriers.

Sinnott also comments on the relationship between the two organisations: “Netaxis shares our entrepreneurial spirit and always aims to go one step beyond the status quo, as well as to believe in the importance of partnerships that give CPSs independence and customers solutions that provide positive outcomes.”

Sinnott continues: “With its Fusion platform, Netaxis has seen the opportunity to help innovative players retain their relevance to customers by supporting their productivity with blended best-in-class technology.

Adds Netaxis CEO Manuel Basilavecchia, “We are in the business of helping to make the complex task of blending best-in-class solutions simple for CSPs. So, we are delighted to be working with Enreach, which clearly puts the CSP at the centre of the partnership model while also focusing on helping provide valuable customer outcomes. Fusion is part of our portfolio of applications, platforms, and professional services we bring to this exciting next generation of technology integration and adoption."