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Enreach Offers Paths to Collaboration, Teams, Migration: Podcast

7 mai 2021

Hosted, cloud, UCaaS, Microsoft Teams, SASE, and mobility, these are among the ways Enreach can help a company or an organization connect. According to Bertrand Pourcelot, Managing Director at Enreach for Service Providers, the firm growth and acquisitions of eight firms, is enabling Enreach to offer those communications servicing in different “flavors”.  Enreach is the parent company of a range of brands including Voiceworks, Swyx, Eazit, i4IP, ipnordic, M Mobility, HeroBase, Network Telecom, Botsquad and masvoz. Through its authorized resellers and service providers or subsidiaries, Enreach provides collaborative technologies and telecommunications services that change the lives of small businesses and their customers. All of its brands work to develop intelligent, integrated information technologies and communication solutions that provide organizations with unrivalled quality in terms of communication and operational efficiency. Enreach is committed to providing companies with the best communication and collaboration tools through a simple and personalized interface, adapted to their specific needs and systems. With the group’s products, companies of all sizes and in all sectors gain access to highly efficient tools, enabling their employees to fully dedicate themselves to achieving great things. Primarily operating on the German, Dutch, Danish, UK, Spanish and French markets, Enreach has operations in 25 countries and employs 950 people.


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