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Enreach Reveals Unified Platform: Enreach UP

22 déc. 2021

Enreach has revealed a unified platform that brings together technologies from the businesses it has acquired across Europe. The new platform was unveiled at the Enreach bi-annual event in Cannes which was attended by over 100 service provider partners.

Enreach Unified Platform – or ‘Enreach UP’ – will launch next February and include solutions such as unified communications, contact centre, video collaboration and conversational bots.

UP is a cloud-native microservices-based platform that Enreach says will bring it faster innovation and a smoother delivery to service provider partners.

Stijn Nijhuis, Group CEO at Enreach, said: “The unified platform is bringing together the Centile (rebranded to Enreach for Service Providers) technology with the ones from Voiceworks and Swyx (rebranded to Enreach Germany) to create an integrated experience. “It brings the best of all of our platforms together and is extremely important for future innovation and other acquisitions that can be plugged in and rapidly integrated. “The underlying technology is a quantum leap forward and the rest will enable us to develop features much faster”.

Nijhuis also laid out the philosophy of Enreach, with this being the first partner event since more than 10 companies were brought together under a single group. He said that the company doesn’t see itself as a collaboration player, but as a “contact” provider that enables communication and collaboration. “We see a world where converged contact solutions enable meaningful human contact and brings people closer together. “It’s the voice platform, networking, the mobile network, productivity, collaboration… it’s everything.

“We think that the term UCaaS is a bit old fashioned already because converged contact solutions are about bringing UCaaS and CCaaS together.” This, he explained, is why he doesn’t see the likes of Slack and Microsoft Teams as direct competitors. A key theme of the event was the ways in which Enreach service providers can benefit from Enreach’s integrations with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Nijhuis also revealed the huge growth that Enreach has seen since its last partner event, back in 2019.

Sales have nearly doubled, while partner numbers have jumped from 1650 to 6750.

Notable acquisitions over recent years include ipnordic, Masvoz, BotsquadPace Telecom, Benemen, DSD and Go2thecloud.

Nijhuis revealed that the Enreach UP will come with a fresh user experience, consistent across all platforms that the company owns, which he said will enable cross-selling opportunities for partners.

“Until recently, we could have been faster,” he said. “It was taking too much time to update the design of our clients… but this will be much faster across the board leveraging our new group design systems”.

The unified experience will also give partners the opportunity to white label the solution “out of the box” with very little programming required.

In the Cloud

Enreach UP was not the only product revealed at the partner event, with Enreach Contact also announced – having been quietly launched in the French and Spanish market a few days earlier.

Enreach Contact is powered by the same platform as Enreach UP but is delivered from Enreach’s own cloud, rather than the datacentre of service providers.

Enreach said that Contact gives European integrators, resellers and service providers the chance to transform into UC and CC providers virtually overnight with a white-labelled solution.

Available functionality includes telephony, mobility, messaging, collaboration, contact centre, call recording, analytics and CRM integration.

Bertrand Pourcelot, CEO of Enreach for Service Providers, said: “Enreach Contact allows us to expand our offer by allowing new profiles of players such as IT resellers, installers or ESN to benefit from the strong growth of the Unified Communications market.

“All these players will be able to launch their project safely and agilely leveraging Enreach Contact SaaS and the Enreach UP platform by benefiting from the local support of Enreach, European leader in the Converged Contact market.”

This article was posted on UC Today.