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Inside Centile’s Any³ Architecture

27 oct. 2019

Centile is already empowering the future of work  

Any service, over any network, on any terminal. This is how Centile addresses the needs of mobile operators and enterprises who want to deliver advanced enterprise-grade communications. They have a unique approach to workplace mobility, which Justin Hamilton-Martin, Centile’s UK Director, spoke about in a recent interview. He shared: 

“It doesn’t matter which device they use. It also doesn’t matter which network they’re connected to – our telephony services are available” 

With this novel approach to workplace mobility, end users can answer a phone call on an IP phone in their home office. If they want to switch to a Bluetooth-enabled device with a headset in the middle – they can, and they can move the call to their laptop when they arrive at the office. This is all accomplished with the help of a controller, and a single click available through ISTRA. 

During our interview, Hamilton-Martin told me, Centile wants to promote true workplace mobility through its Unified Comms offering, ISTRA. He said, “If your PC isn’t functioning while in an important meeting, and you want to host a collaboration call on your phone, you need to be able to.” 

Centile Sees MOBiiS as Future of UC, Mobility, & Call Control 

For meetings on outside conferencing software like Zoom, Centile also presents a clever solution. They integrate with the popular conferencing software components so end users can join video and audio conferences from any device using a smart controller. Accessing the smart controller requires end users have access to Centile’s My ISTRA (PC) platform. This convenient function is even accessible on the MOBiiS softphone app for iOS and Android devices. 

During our interview, Hamilton-Martin demonstrated this innovative capability. He switched audio from his mobile device to his desk phone, and his laptop computer, seamlessly. According to him, there are countless reasons why IP phones are no longer the “only default offering for customers” 

“As soon as employees use Bluetooth devices in any work environment, they get used to having their hands free. This makes headsets, particularly Bluetooth headsets, a massive catalyst for change in the workplace.” 

A Shift Toward Workplace Flexibility 

With a rising trend of employees demanding ways to increase workplace mobility, Centile set out to provide a solution and to empower a new age of mobile workers. Hamilton-Martin claimed, “traditional VoIP handsets don’t always work in a mobile office environment.” He continued, saying everything IP phones can do, PCs can now perform those functions. ” For many, softphones, apps, and Full Mobile Convergence are the new IP phone,” he added. 

Centile’s taken the lead on ushering enterprises into the future of work. All this is clear from its next-level technology, and Hamilton-Martin is a shining example of the visionaries who work on the frontlines, driving such advanced software for enterprises to leverage. He shared something else that resonated, saying “As the adoption of open standard connectivity increases into traditional IP handsets, these devices will add an incredible amount of power to the contemporary workplace.” 

Toward the end of our call, I understood something profound. Centile is one of the Unified Communications elites. They are among the UC providers who go above and beyond to ensure we transition into the future workplace and that we do so with ease.