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Keeping ahead of the curve

2 avr. 2021

The disruption every business experienced in 2020 has pushed forward cloud adoption in the UK. Comms Business looks at the lay of the land, and the opportunities that remain.

The cloud has long offered partners new revenue opportunities and the ability to solve problems for their customers. The UK has been ahead of the curve in terms of cloud adoption for several years, but the pandemic has moved the needle even further. In fact, some say cloud adoption has been vital in allowing many businesses to weather the difficult trading environment created by the pandemic. Justin Hamilton Martin, sales director UK, Enreach for Service Providers, explained, “2020 meant that most businesses had to rapidly bring together different teams in a new remote way and with this trend likely to remain pervasive beyond the pandemic, cloud is now the only way to go. Many businesses would not have survived last year without cloud technology. After all, even if they don’t call it the cloud, employees use cloud-based services every day, both at work and in their personal lives.”

Moving forward

There are other areas to consider, from flexibility and reliability through to security. Hamilton-Martin, from Enreach for Service Providers, explained, “A rapid evolution we are seeing is towards cloud-native powered applications, and cloud orchestration technology helps pave the way towards microservices, which is basically a toolset used to create more flexibility and reliable hosting of applications. By breaking out applications into microservices it makes it possible to have an application running on multiple cloud platforms. This combined with more ubiquitous use of authentication and encryption is simultaneously helping to improve security.”


Source: Comms Business – Cloud market report