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Mobile-First Strategy for Unified Communications

10 mars 2022

In conjunction with MWC 2022, The Fast Mode spoke to Bertrand Pourcelot, Managing Director of Enreach for Service Providers on the company's mobile-first strategy for unified communications. In the interview, Bertrand discusses the company's recent acquisitions. One of the acquisitions he elaborates on is the Spanish company Telsome. This was a logical step after the successful acquisition of masvoz in 2019 and it enhances Enreach’s Spanish footprint with new MVNO capabilities and a successful SME channel.

Enterprise communications require the integration of all key communications systems. Bertrand sees different trends going on. “End users expectations have evolved a lot in the past years. They expect broader solutions while even enhancing their user experience.”

“Enreach is uniquely positioned, we are a combined vendor and service provider, by being such a hybrid player, we believe we can make both the lives of the end users and partners easier.”

Bertrand also covers how enterprise communication needs have evolved in the past decade and how mobile-first communication influences the selection of enterprise communication suites.

Enreach is mobile-first at heart – being an MVNO in more than 5 countries. We have the right ingredients to deliver the right solutions to our end users and partners.

He also elaborates on the market growth for Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), Cloud Communication as a Service (CCaaS) and Cloud productivity solutions, with focus on the European region. 

Bertrand sees that enterprises are reconsidering their choices that have been made during the pandemic – the need for the solutions is there.

Next to that we announced Enreach Unified Platform (“Enreach UP”) during MWC. Enreach UP is a cloud-native platform supporting communication, collaboration and productivity. This integrates best-in-class technologies from businesses across the group and is the foundation for future faster innovation and continuous delivery.

Watch the video interview now and get more insights.