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Recap of a CCA event – a few take aways from our Head of International Carrier Sales

13 juil. 2022

Iain Sinnott – our Head of International Carrier Sales – is also a board member of the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA), a not-for-profit association dedicated to the growth of the cloud communications industry. At a recent CCA event in Belgium, Iain talked about the need to rethink the sales process in a conference session he was asked to present and during a journalist interview. He also spoke about the need for greater collaboration across the supply chain. Here is a quick recap of the key points Iain made. 

The industry talks about evolving and integrating technology, which is great, but we really need to focus on delivering great customer outcomes and ROI. These businesses invest in technology to create better profit, productivity, and better human experiences. So we need to ask ourselves who will this technology affect, have detailed conversations and dig deep. And, above all, we need to keep it real.  

My role is to have those conversations with service providers and industry players across Europe. Events such as those held by the CCA provide an excellent opportunity to network and learn from each other. That matters because no organisation can — or should — work in isolation: every boat lifts on a rising tide. We can even listen to and share knowledge with our competitors.  

Throughout the supply chain, we need to work harmoniously to create contact magic, which describes the new ways customers can communicate and collaborate more effectively. We must treat every level and challenge of the supply chain with respect and respect the need to get things right for the customer.  

At Enreach for Service Providers, our role is to provide a next-generation platform that brings together multiple advanced technologies from within our group and then delivers those to customers seamlessly, effortlessly and highly integrated. Our mission is also to help our service provider partners explore the benefits of those technologies and help them demonstrate the value to each customer.  

I joined Enreach because I could see it is doing things differently: focused on making clever technology truly work for end-users, with a very open and collaborative approach to the market, and that’s what gets me up in the morning. While we all share challenges, the potential is vast, and this is an exciting time to be part of the communications industry. 

Watch the full interview in the video below.