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CELESTE strengthens its partnership with Enreach to accelerate in unified communications

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How is CELESTE positioned in its market and what services do you offer?

CELESTE was founded in 2001 by Nicolas AUBÉ. Convinced that he was witnessing a new industrial revolution with the emergence of Very High Speed Broadband, he decided to propose top-of-the-range, innovative offers and to position CELESTE as the preferred operator for companies. CELESTE's teams have the mission of responding in a reactive and tailor-made manner to the specific and evolving needs of companies. The company employs over 650 people and has a turnover of 125 million euros.  We offer a range of services including Internet connection via different media (fiber, copper, etc.), physical and virtual interconnection solutions (VPN, Lan to Lan), a fixed telephony cloud offer based on Enreach's ISTRA centrex platform, mobile telephony offers, datacenter hosting and a new Cloud offer.

What are the challenges you are facing today?

CELESTE is evolving in an ultra-competitive market and must manage hyper-growth driven by an ambitious development plan. In this context, the company is constantly investing and innovating in order to adapt to the new usages and expectations from enterprises. This is reflected in the creation of new service offers such as the Centrex offer (HD telephony package) which enables its customers to access high-performance communication infrastructures and tools.

What do your customers expect?

Above all, our customers want to find alternatives to the offers provided by incumbent operators, which are unable to meet their specific needs. They are therefore looking for local support and customized services to design and use network and telecom solutions with high added value.

What led CELESTE to work with ENREACH and what offers do you market?

Enreach is the European leader in Unified Communication solutions and supports companies like CELESTE in their development by offering them high-performance and ultra-secure UCaaS solutions. We validated our choice during audit and test phases. In this context, thanks to Enreach, we are able to offer our customers complete Cloud telephony packages that include various unlimited calls to France and abroad. CELESTE also relies on Enreach for softphone, videoconferencing and mobile application offers in order to provide a unified user experience for nomadic and teleworking uses, for example. In the end, nearly 500 customers and 10,000 employees in small and medium-sized businesses and industries use these services.

What are the benefits of working with Enreach and what are your future directions?

Through our partnership with Enreach, both our teams and our customers have access to a constantly innovative solution with simple and ergonomic interfaces. We are in constant contact with the Enreach team to suggest improvements and work together on projects. Enreach is a partner that is always available and ready to listen. Moreover, with our recent development in Europe, we can count on Enreach's support in the various countries of the European Union. Finally, beyond these elements, Enreach has allowed us to converge different platforms from external growth operations to create a unique environment that will allow us to offer our customers many premium communication services.