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Enreach for Services Providers releases its latest customisable-by-design platform “Enreach UP” simplifying the user experience for easier adoption and differentiation

6 nov. 2023

With personalisation, automation and integration bringing more value to partners 


Nice, 6 November 2023 - Enreach for Service Providers, part of Enreach, the fast-growing European contact leader, has today announced the latest commercial release of Enreach UP, its platform for carriers, service providers and integrators. This customisable-by-design platform represents a leap forward, with multiple white-labelling and extensive personalisable new features that reflect what the market wants today. Enreach UP brings together UCaaS, CCaaS and productivity elements in a fully converged contact solution, all available on both mobile and desktop. 

“Far more than just an update to the existing platform, Enreach UP is a significant step forward, giving our partners massive control, flexibility and choice. It also reinforces our mission to be a contact leader in Europe,” says Bertrand Pourcelot, CEO, Enreach for Service Providers

Customisable-by-design, Enreach UP delivers vast potential for differentiation while giving service providers and end users more command over their UC offerings. Enreach has also focused on API improvements, extending the range and making them more accessible and faster to implement so that partners can build their propositions and onboard customers how they prefer.  

Customisation, clean design and performance 

Furthermore, an improved UI benefits both service providers and their business customers, so it is simpler to find information and take action in just a couple of clicks. As a pioneer of mobile-first, Enreach for Service Providers has taken knowledge from that world to make mobile’s more streamlined UX design available across all devices. Also, individuals can display or hide items from the app menu even if the service provider portal disables an option by default, giving users even more personalisation of their preferences and app configurations.  

Building on the significant architectural enhancements made earlier in Enreach UP, this new version has over 150 new features and enhancements, all based on feedback from — and consultation with — service providers. Adds Bertrand Pourcelot, “As well as consulting with our partners about what they wanted to see in Enreach UP, they have also been involved in the QA process, with some of them recently testing out the platform in their own labs. I am delighted to report that the platform has been well received.”  

Furthermore, the infrastructure has been engineered for greater agility and innovation at scale, supported by an extensive automated testing process, strategic choice of components, and a dedicated, in-house R&D team. This will enable faster deployments of enhancements and new features in the future, available to all partners from one release. 


Many of Enreach UP’s new features target user productivity, such as the inclusion of Web RTC, so that people without access to the app can still join a call or meeting via a web browser, meaning no time is lost downloading any extra software. WebRTC also brings better audio quality and comfort, with built-in auto-adaptive codec and advanced echo-cancellation (these benefits are also embedded in the installed client version of Enreach UP). In addition, the inclusion of bi-directional Teams Presence bridges the visibility gap so colleagues can see each other’s availability status across the entire UC environment.  


Enreach UP’s customisable-by-design approach enables partners to deliver only the features a customer requires, without the annoying distraction of sorting through unnecessary ones. For instance, most small businesses do not usually need to have internal departments shown as a category in their contact books, but equally, they can choose to toggle those back on should that situation change  Also, the end user app adjusts to the person’s role and profile to display, for example, to an ACD supervisor a refreshed user experience on queues monitoring, real-time control of workflows, and agents activity.  

Says Bertrand Pourcelot, “When added together, all these incremental gains add up to significant time savings and reduced friction, leading to improved productivity and a better user experience.” 


Many of the new features aid businesses’ own customer engagement, for instance Smart Group Call History, which is a valuable method for a hunt group or queue member to see if an incoming call was answered correctly and, if it was not, act and then show as resolved to the whole team.  

Name Resolution from the Cloud is another addition, which can be integrated with CRMs so that a user can see the ID of an incoming call and greet that person by name and know the organisation they represent. Optimised for mobile, Name Resolution is now also available across all devices.  


Business performance is supported via a greater range of analytics. For example, a new Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) wallboard has a colour-coded status so that in an instant, teams can see how many calls are queueing, the available agent capacity to handle those calls, and the average wait time. Administrators can also see how the day’s performance compares to prior periods of time.  

Caller ID certification improved 

In addition, Enreach has deployed Stir/Shaken support, an industry innovation that combats caller ID spoofing on telephone networks, to eliminate robocallers imitating legitimate sources. 

Configuration control 

The enrichment of the myTelephony portal and API capability enable extensive configurations of various functions, without the need to visit a deeply technical interface, plus the ability to integrate the technology into service providers’ own offerings, with selection and adjustment of features. such as ACD, numbers, devices and more. Furthermore, myTelephony also acts as a self-service portal for enterprise administrators. 

Concludes Bertrand Pourcelot, “Enreach UP is available with immediate effect both for our platform partners and on our platform as a service (PaaS), and we were delighted to preview it to partners from all over the world when we gathered together for our bi-annual Partner event in Nice during October.” 



About Enreach for Service Providers

Enreach for Services Providers is a European leader in converged contact solutions. Our mission is to create customisable mobile-first contact solutions, enabling our partners to thrive and users to transform their interactions. Our platform “Enreach UP” enables service providers and integrators to deliver their business customers with value-added services, including FMC, video collaboration, messaging, inbound/outbound call centre functionality and conversational bots, seamlessly integrated with mobile services, Microsoft Teams, CRM and ERP systems. Our customisable-by-design platform "Enreach UP" enables full white-labelling, personalised user experience, BYOx enablement (Carrier, OSS/BSS/mobile), APIs for integration, automation & AI as well as multiple deployment options including PaaS. Enreach group operates in over 25 countries and counts more than 1,100 employees. For more information visit:

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