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OSS Networks


OSS Networks is the industry leader in the implementation and development of IP telephony and IT services. More than 2500 companies in 19 countries trust us and use our services.

OSS Networks in numbers

Clients 1100 + Clients
Countries 19 + Countries
Employees 26 + Employees
Years of experience 15 + Years of experience

OSS Networks was founded in November, 2006. The company has been created, combining the experience of the founders on the contact centre establishment projects and knowledge of process optimisation in business. In September 2010, new extra investments were attracted to stimulate the development of the company, and a new name was given to the company − SIA OSS Networks. The accomplished solutions were implemented in companies that chose to increase the quality of their customer service. The cooperation has promoted the development of the companies and helped them to become the leading companies in the industry.

The services of OSS Networks are used by over 800 companies in Latvia, 300 companies in Lithuania, as well as companies in Estonia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Spain and Germany. The team of OSS Networks consists of professionals of the industry who take care of the development and implementation of the solutions. The customers are provided with continuous support and technical service. The team of OSS Networks is confident that modern and quality telecommunications solutions are one of the main instruments to develop and improve the business.

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