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Fixed & mobile convergence solution

Operators are facing a new challenge posed by the enterprise mobile market. Although an increasing number of professionals prefer to use a mobile device instead of a traditional desk phone, mobile phones don't always integrate well with existing unified communications solutions.

To fullfil this need and stay ahead of the competition, fixed operators need to add mobility to their Centrex/PBX/UC offerings. Mobile operators also need to expand their offer, adding PBX features on top of their GSM network.

Our mobile telephony platform enables fixed and mobile operators to deliver enterprise-grade value-added services to mobile users over today's networks.

Key features for fixed & mobile operator

Unique Number

If a user has both a fixed and GSM phone, all incoming calls are routed both to the PSTN number and the mobile GSM phone registered as a mobile extension. Both devices will ring simultaneously and the call will be connected to the phone where the user answers first. 

Unique voicemail

Thanks to the unique voicemail box feature, the user can be available on several terminals (SNR) and keep a single mailbox as any regular IP Centrex user (avoid the redirection to mobile/fixed voicemail systems). If the voicemail service answers the call, this will then not be transferred to the “remote terminal”.

Voice call continuity

With the Voice Call Continuity feature, users can switch seamlessly from one terminal to another while in a conversation. For example, the user can make or answer a call from their IP phone and continue it on his mobile phone without any interruption to the call.

Mobile voip

Enreach has partnered with industry-leading softphone companies to enable mobile users to make and receive free or inexpensive phone calls over IP using Wi-Fi or data connections.