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The mobile-first,
whitelabel UC platform
for service providers  


Become or build your business as a cloud telephony provider, without the hassle and cost of creating and managing the technology. Under your brand, use our Enreach UP UC platform to deliver powerful communication services that take contact to new levels of flexibility, sophistication and ease-of-use. Whether -   

  • You are an experienced communications company 
  • You are new to this market 
  • You want to offer advanced unified communications (UC) 
  • Or simply sell cloud-based IP telephony 

Enreach UP is the customisable-by-design platform that enables service providers to deliver converged contact solutions to their business users, independent of the device they are using or the network they are connected to. 

Our platform is mobile-first, multi-tenant and empowers service providers, fixed and mobile operators, MVNOs and MVNEs to differentiate with customised services and sell them under your own brand. 

Enreach UP architecture improves scalability and processes automation and guarantees fast innovation whether it comes to launching new features or integrations.  

Enreach UP is the basis to offer not only UCaaS features, but also an array of converged contact solutions such as CCaaS modules, FMC, productivity and connectivity. 

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  • Basis to deliver converged contact solution (UCaaS, CCaaS, mobile and connectivity) 

  • Multi-tenant  

  • In-built native FMC 

  • Integration with existing mobile infrastructure (MSC and HLR) 

  • Automated provisioning through APIs 

  • Integration with a wide range of terminals 

  • Integration with 3rd party productivity software 

  • Deployment choice: carrier’s datacenter (server, virtualized, native cloud) or managed by Enreach for Service Provider (PaaS) 


  • Presence 

  • Instant messaging 

  • Softphone 

  • Unified contacts 

  • Unified messaging 

  • Video collaboration 

  • Embedded contact centre 

  • Call recording 

  • IVRs 

  • PBX features 

  • Mobile, desktop and web app 

Enreach UP, your reliable, flexible foundation

Use Enreach UP as your starting point for attracting new customer types and exploring market opportunities. Expand into new services: offer contact centre -style functionality, or smart automation including chatbots and conversational AI.   

Our end-to-end cloud-based UC platform gives you the reliability, scalability and feature-rich performance to quickly develop, deploy and monetise new business communication services.   

This multi-tenant cloud solution is backed by dedicated R&D and local support, so you focus on customer excellence, without the worry of maintaining the UC platform. With a choice of models and pricing, Enreach UP works around a cloud service provider and its customers.   

Our technology is already deployed by over 120 service providers in more than 20 countries, with approximately one million users.  

Enreach UP key benefits

More value for users:

Fast innovation
Broad portfolio of features, services and device interoperability
Seamless integration between Cloud PBX, video collaboration and enterprise messaging

More value for operations:

Continuous, automated delivery process
High-service availability
Easy to scale and maintain

Work your way

The choice is yours. Whether you are a fixed-line or mobile operator, integrator or reseller, simply determine the feature packaging and packaging that matches your business model. Offer IP telephony, unified communications and more, from your own data centres, or in the cloud with our shared Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.  

Regardless of which model, you own the brand and the customer relationship 100 percent. 

  • Bring your own carrier
  • Choose your margins
  • Customise new services and create new packages with our APIs
  • Integrate fixed mobile convergence (FMC)
  • Generate extra sales from mobile minutes and data

Tap into a growing market

According to industry experts and market research, the adoption of cloud-based business communications is at an all-time high. As well as cloud PBX solutions, businesses are turning to Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), thanks to its flexibility, cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use.  

As they adopt more flexible working models, UCaaS keeps organisations working efficiently and consistently, regardless of where their employees and customers are located. Plus, UCaaS gives every business access to smart functionality only available before to big enterprises with large budgets. 

Benefit from UCaaS

With Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud service providers can: 

  • Support customers’ remote workforces 

  • Rapidly roll-out new features and services 

  • Minimise the need for in-house resources 

  • Focus on customers, not technology 

  • Have confidence in reliable uptime and scalability   



  • Save money – reduced capex and opex  

  • Offer more than just IP telephony 

  • Experiment with UC without big commitments  

  • Expand into mobile services with minimal effort 

  • Explore new markets and customer types 

Support remote working

UCaaS is perfect for supporting remote and hybrid working models. It brings together business applications, communications and collaboration seamlessly and intelligently, Also, UCaaS is a great basis for introducing new developments, such as AI services. Businesses can work smart anywhere, anytime, and anyhow, independent of app, device or network, even across mobile. With UCaaS, the user becomes the heart of the contact experience, not the technology.  

Our solutions

Mobile and more

UCaaS gives end users a consistent experience, across all devices, locations, apps and networks. It’s a natural partner for with mobile technology too. This focus on mobility is an area that Enreach has pioneered and won awards for over the years, blending network-driven native fixed mobile convergence (FMC) with UCaaS.   

We’ve been working with forward-thinking cloud service providers who put mobile at the heart of their solutions, rather than these being a siloed afterthought. As well as building successful business for those service providers, their customers enjoy flexible communications that work around them.  

Find out how you and your customers can benefit from a more ‘mobile first’ approach too. 

Mobile Cloud PBX

Open new doors with integrations

One size does not have to fit all: cloud service providers can customise services to suit their business models and their markets. Integrate UC with customers’ enterprise processes, such as CRMs, ERPs, specific vertical market tools and more, simply by using Enreach UP’s flexible and open API layer. Move beyond communications and contact services and provide an even more complete service to your business audience.  

From simple voice services through to advanced digital transformation strategies, Enreach UP takes you and your customers in the direction you want to go. 

CRM integrations

Enreach UP Services

Enreach UP is a Cloud-Native platform that promotes communication within companies and brings together the best technologies necessary for this purpose. More importantly, it allows companies to meet new challenges in the field. To do this, it offers a range of interesting options and services. 

A Cloud PBX platform

Today, in the field of unified communications, the principle of “mobile first” is taking precedence. To comply, businesses and workers need flexible and sophisticated telephone services. In this situation, the mobile Cloud PBX platform or private telephone exchange is the best alternative.

It helps players in the field to offer their professional clients advanced communication and collaboration services, in a flexible environment. With this platform, it is possible to access a powerful telephone system hosted in the cloud. Very easy to deploy, it can be installed on an infrastructure equipped with fixed-mobile convergence (FMC), as well as on existing GSM networks. While it is able to easily integrate into various existing environments, it has the scalability to satisfy the requirements of all customers. In addition, this cloud PBX solution offers advantages to all players in the field: mobile operators, professional customers, etc.

Mobile operators

For the latter, this service helps provide a complete PBX desktop experience to all mobile phone users. In addition to improving and enriching the mobile service portfolio, it also optimizes the management of media and circuits included in the GSM network. In other words, it only sends calls that have advanced services to the Enreach UP mobile server. In addition, it integrates SIP (Session Internet Protocol) technology. Thanks to this, it is compatible with IMS and VoLTE networks.

Professional customers

For business customers, cloud PBX solutions make it possible to move from traditional telephone services to those hosted on the web. They also allow you to have total control of the PBX communication environment and simplify its use for the end user. With this network, it is also possible to:

  • transfer a telephone call in progress from one device (mobile tablet, telephone, laptop, etc.) to another,
  • converge all of its services on several fixed and mobile terminals,
  • view all your missed calls on the same device,
  • filter your calls in real time.

In business, this system can be used to selectively redirect calls to another person, team, etc. It can also be used to identify the caller, as well as the group they belong to within the company. With cloud PBX solutions, it is also possible to display the identity of your professional telephone and another secondary one (personal number) without using a VOIP system.

The web office

Web Office is enterprise collaboration software that provides access to all unified communications with a desktop or smartphone. It allows you to manage all unified communications parameters, control telephone services and other means of exchange from a single web interface.

Clearly, this software is the best way to improve the management of a company's telephone call systems. It is also an excellent alternative for offering advanced, flexible collaboration systems that integrate CRM tools. With this software it is also possible to create transfer rules so you never miss a call from an important client. Thanks to this system, it becomes possible in a few clicks to:

  • manage professional and personal contacts,
  • viewing incoming calls is possible in a few clicks,
  • define how team member information is displayed, etc.

Due to its features and advantages, it is suitable for professionals who want to have collaboration tools that are easy to manage. Among these functions, we distinguish the automatic call distributor (ACD) which mainly allows you to manage incoming calls from a team. We also find the softphone which optimizes the use of a laptop and allows it to be used as an IP telephone or a mobile.

Desktop Web

In addition, to use this program, two options are possible. The first involves installing a standalone system. The second requires a VoIP phone or mobile. This alternative is very interesting because it allows you to control calls with a computer or the device of your choice.

Using this system, it is easier to answer a call on one phone and then transfer it to another extension. Otherwise, it is possible to choose the IP telephone terminal, desktop computer or mobile phone to use to make calls from now on. The little extra, this software integrates with more than twenty customer relationship management (CRM) systems. These include Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.

The receptionist console

Like all previous products, the SwitchBoard advanced interactive receptionist console is a tool to help master business communications. As such, it allows you to manage calls, as well as users. In addition, it takes into account the presence of employees to redirect incoming calls and optimize their distribution. It also allows service providers to offer receptionist offers (internal or external) to companies. In particular, it has the VIP redirection functionality which offers the possibility of reaching a user by bypassing a predefined rule. Likewise, it includes a tool that allows you to quickly search for a contact.

Using the receptionist console, it is also possible to intercept a telephone call, monitor specific users or barge into another user's active call. In addition, it allows you to have keyboard shortcuts to manage calls (hang up, transfer, etc.), instantly send SMS, emails or messages.

This tool optimizes the management of employee calendars, profiles available in the company directory, as well as their parameters. The icing on the cake is that it provides access to a web application called myCompany. Its main features are management, import, export, creation of the company directory and its services. In summary, this application allows receptionists to manage the catalog of contacts and services of companies. This involves private and public contacts, as well as the address book. For your information, the receptionist console is available in web version and is completely standalone.

Receptionist console



Customisable UC solution hosted and managed by Enreach

SIP Trunks

To aggregate your SIP trunks

Enreach Meetings

Video collaboration made simple