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One-touch access
to a mobile office

MOBiiS – a flexible mobile application for your professional customers

Now that mobile devices have become the preferred choice of employees for business communications, it is essential to integrate them into the modern workplace. That’s why we developed MOBiiS, an award-winning mobile app aimed at improving business collaboration and productivity by putting mobility at the heart of the user experience.

From their smartphones and with a single touch, employees access a rich range of cloud communications services: centralized access to colleagues, business applications and team-wide information, the all from the app.

MOBiiS gives people the same seamless experience wherever they are: in the office, traveling, in a public space, or working from home, all from their favorite mobile devices.

A mobile application for service providers

As a service provider, MOBiiS helps you help your customers transform their mobile devices into highly effective gateways to new levels of interactions and collaboration. Additionally, Cloud Service Providers can market MOBiiS under their own brand, and with support from Enreach if necessary.

Available in multiple languages, MOBiiS is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Once downloaded from an App Store, it’s up and running in just a few minutes.

Available features

Users can enjoy many mobile office features and benefits, namely:

Right to disconnect
Right to disconnect

Connect and disconnect from ACD queues via the ON-OFF button.

Instant messaging
Instant messaging

Without leaving the app, send a quick note to a colleague, create a discussion group, share documents, photos and videos, and even create public or private messaging channels.

Attendance management
Attendance management

View in real time available colleagues, those who are in meetings, having lunch, on vacation, training or traveling. No need to use other programs or applications.


Fixed-mobile convergence

Native FMC

FMC Router

Offer FMC services to fixed operators

Cloud PBX Mobile

Telephony functionalities on GSM, IMS, VoLTE networks

Frequently asked questions

Mobile App Service Providers

MOBiiS for service providers is an innovative mobile application developed by Enreach.


It provides customers with quick and easy access to services, enabling businesses to provide a better customer experience, increase customer loyalty and reach out to more potential customers.


With cloud-based communication services integrated into the app – such as centralized access to colleagues, business apps, and team-wide status, businesses can maximize their customer engagement and profits.


Additionally, service providers have the option to market MOBiiS under their own brand ID, but with the background support of Enreach if required.

Contact us for more information We are happy to help you learn more about our MOBiiS mobile app and how it can help your business.

MOBiiS mobile app offers numerous benefits to service providers. By using the app, businesses can:


- Streamline communication with customers at any time and from anywhere

- Offer personalized services through one-touch access to multiple cloud communication services

- Reach out to more potential customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and profits

- Market MOBiiS under their own brand ID, with the option of Enreach background support

- Provide a better customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

- Offer services in multiple languages


Enreach MOBiiS mobile application is the perfect solution for service providers looking to take advantage of cloud communication services.


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